One of the favorite things is planning a vacation. Nothing is better than a well-formatted calendar with flight info and dinner reservations. But first you need to know when exactly to do it.  Here is a list of the 2019 public holidays in France, where most of government offices, businesses, shops and banks will be closed on:

Tuesday January 1 Jour de l’An
Friday April 19Vendredi Saint
Monday April 22Lundi de Pâques
Wednesday May 1Fête du Travail
Wednesday May 8 Fête de la Victoire 45
Thursday May 30 Jeudi de l’Ascension
Monday June 10Lundi de la Pentecôte
Sunday July 14Fête Nationale
Thursday August 15Fête de l’Assomption
Friday November 1 Fête de la Toussaint
Monday November 11Fête de l’Armistice 1918
Wednesday December 25Noël
Thursday December 26Saint Etienne