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Save your HR team effort, by automating the vacation & leave requests workflow

Day Off is a popular PTO Tracker & Leave Tracker software

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Employee Self service

3 taps to request a new vacation and automatically consider public holidays and weekends


System directs employee leave request to the right person.
HR fully control the workflow defines teams managers and employees first and second approvers.
Get notified with leave balance and vacation history once approved or rejected

HR Dashboard

Calendar view for both company and employee, to track team vacations and time off, monitor team requests and workflow, generate consolidated and detailed reports for any period, and send announcements to the team

Why Day Off Leave Tracker?

Request Vacations

Employees can request their vacations everywhere using our lightweight mobile app

Approval Process

Configure your approval process based on your workflow


Employee and manager notifications for any event

Create Your Team

In one step you can create your team from the mobile app or the website

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Configure HR Policies

Configure all your company HR policies, like leave types balances, official holidays, working days, year start month, approval process, workflow and admins


Monitor your team vacations using a consolidated view, and get notified once you got a vacation request