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Employee Self-Service App 202: Top 5

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Employees can use employee self-service app to access and modify their information on the move. It provides them the much-needed freedom downloading pay slips, applying for day offs, check PF and TDS data, leave balances, and everything else from anywhere and at any time.

Apps like Day Off are extremely useful for managing employee leaves and keeping track. It relieves HR professionals of a tremendous deal of worry and responsibility while also saving them time.

In our article, we’ve included the top 5 employee self-service apps and also included the factors to consider before choosing one.

Top 5 Employee Self-Service Apps in 2021

We’ve listed the 5 best employee self-service apps in 2021 below. All of these apps are beneficial to employees as well as HR professionals.

1. Namely

Namely is a one-stop shop for HR management while executing self-service features. Businesses can easily enhance their HR policies while keeping compliant with this platform. It is used by over 1,400 organizations throughout the world.

The program is marketed as a “people operations platform.” From this unified platform, you can easily manage all of your HR policies. Its basic features are-

  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Self-service and managing workflows
  • Customizing tasks setting goals
  • Database management and e-signature
  • Monitoring performance

Namely appeals to us since the software is intended to boost employee engagement. It provides your employees with simple access to all HR information they may require through an employee portal.

The Namely app allows you to access the program from anywhere. Namely can also be used to distribute corporate news, enhance communication, and create a company directory.

There are also add-ons and extensions for benefits administration, payroll, time and attendance, and recruiting, among other things. In general, Namely is a strong match for medium businesses.

2. BerniePortal

BerniePortal provides everything you could possibly need in terms of managing your employees. It might not be as popular as most of the other self-service HR apps, but it’s in our top choices for some reasons.

BerniePortal should be your best shot in case you want to leverage technology to improve your workers’ complete lifecycle management.

BerniePortal was formed in 2008, thus they have more than a decade of HR software expertise. It has been installed in over 5,000 HR departments across all 50 states, with over 210,000 active users.

What is the purpose of BerniePortal? Let’s take a deeper look at the features of this HRIS software:

  • Managing employee performances and their features of compliance
  • Self-service access with mobile phones
  • Customizing policies, managing time-off, tracking PTO
  • Monitor productivity and engage with employees
  • Monitor and custom hiring policies

You can even utilize BerniePortal to file IRS tax returns. While the program does not have payroll functions, it can work in tandem with your current payroll system.

BerniePortal has a free version that may be used for employee monitoring and recruitment.

If you want to pay on monthly basis, it’ll charge you $11 per month per employee. The charge will be $9 per month per employee if you’re taking it for a year.

3. APS

Payroll is APS’ expertise, but it’s an automated self-service app for employees. The abbreviation “APS” stands for “Automatic Payroll Systems.” But, as previously said, APS is not a separate payroll software, it is an all-in-one HR and payroll solution.

APS provides HR capabilities for recruitment and onboarding, employee self-service, performance management, payroll management, compliance, and many more.

Restaurants, healthcare, wholesalers, manufacturing, nonprofits, financial services, hospitality, and other niche industries have their own solutions. Basic features of APS are-

  • Improve tax compliance via wage garnishment, timeliness, and accuracy
  • Reduce your tax load and risk by automating your system
  • Paycheck reconciliation cuts down on time spent processing payroll
  • Automate tax filings at the federal, state, and municipal levels
  • With paperless payroll processing, you can increase your efficiency and save your costs

On both the employee and administrative sides, the self-service capabilities supplied by APS are exceptional.

APS is used by over 2,000 companies in a variety of sectors. APS should be your best shot if you’re searching for an all-in-one HR and payroll solution.

The minimum monthly billable fee of APS is $250, which covers any combination of services. Any relevant taxes are not included, and your costs may rise as you make more transactions.

4. Workday

Workday is a well-known HR platform with a twist of self-service features. Every aspect of the tool revolves on money. It allows you to manage your HR operations from a single platform keeping your objectives in mind.

In a wide number of sectors, industry leaders utilize the software. Toyota, Visa, Salesforce, Charles Schwab, Adobe, CE, and Target are just a few of the well-known firms that use Workday.

Overall, Workday is quite adaptable. Talent management, employee management, expenditure management, labor and payroll management and more are all covered by the program.

Workday is a powerful tool that is yet quite simple to use. You’ll have access to features such as:

  • Tools for time-tracking
  • Elimination of manual tasks and increasing productivity
  • Improved engagement and communication
  • Self-service programs and directories for employees
  • Top-notch algorithms for guiding decisions

Workday’s HR solutions are industry-specific and their use in a variety of sectors is another reason for its high ranking on our list.

Government, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, professional services, insurance and other industries are among the sectors where Workday is being used.

Pricing of Workday is customizable based on each client’s need. However, the basic package starts with $100 per year per user.

5. Kissflow

Kissflow is one of the easy-to-use HR platforms for employee self-service. It’s a top pick for companies looking to improve their human resource management.

Among its in-built programs, employee hiring-onboarding-offboarding, leave management, attendance management, applicant tracking, etc. are all included in the program.

You’ll get features and capabilities like these with Kissflow:

  • Effective employee self-service features
  • Feedback and evaluation programs
  • Customizable HR policies
  • Top-notch employee engagement

For 10 users, Kissflow will charge $16 per month per user in the basic plan. The charge is $22 in Advanced plan, and $30 in Fully Loaded plan.

Kissflow’s disadvantage is that it is not a genuine all-in-one HR solution. It concentrates on a few areas but lacks effectiveness in others, such as payroll. Still, Kissflow has a large number of connectors, allowing you to sync it with most of your existing platforms.

Why Should You Use Employee Self-Service App?

Apps like Day Off are extremely helpful for HR professionals. As it comes with a dashboard that can be accessed by both HRM and employees, it saves a lot of time that can be used somewhere more useful.

Also, employee self-service apps allow your employees to update, amend, and manage their personal information. You may eliminate a range of mistakes and issues in the lives of your HR personnel by using this function. Employees may update their profiles on their own, minimizing the need for HR to do so.

HR doesn’t have to go under employees’ backs for every minor issue. When each employee fills up his own information rather than having one HR fill out countless forms, there are fewer chances of errors.

HR is a difficult department to run. There are hundreds of duties to handle between interviewing, onboarding, perks, and compliance.

  • What to do when an employee requests a copy of a previous paystub?
  • What is the best way to find out about someone’s benefits or vacation days?

It’s a pain for everyone if they don’t have the appropriate technologies. And it’s for this reason that specialist employee self-service apps has grown in popularity.

These solutions are being used by businesses of all sizes to increase productivity while also improving the employee experience.

How to Choose the Best Employee Self-Service App in 2021

There is no such thing as universal HR software. Everything has evolved to satisfy the demands of companies facing a wide range of difficulties. Some businesses require a system that allows them to find and hire hundreds of people per month. Others just want a solid payroll and benefits system.

You have a greater understanding of your company’s condition than anybody else. So, which competencies will have the greatest impact on HR and employees?

Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of employee self-service apps and how they may help you.

1. Effective Self-Service and HR Control

In today’s world, HR app with a self-service portal for employees is a must-have. Without having to call, email, or visit the HR department, your employees will have access to critical information through this site.

  • Do you need a copy of the employee handbook?

Log in and search for it!

  • Do you have any concerns regarding your benefits?

It may be found in the gateway!

  • Do you need to take a day off?

It’s only a few mouse clicks away!

All of these are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, if any of your employees needs to check at an old paystub on a Sunday night while at home, they don’t have to call HR at 9:00 a.m. Monday morning.

With this, your entire office will be much more productive. It will also no longer make your HR department waste time answering inquiries all day.

2. Easy Access

The self-service app that you choose should be free for your employees and easily-available. It will also be included with the top HR software.

This app may be used by employees to use the self-service capabilities listed above, but it can also be utilized by administrators.

HR functions will not be confined to a physical location. To access real-time information and execute duties from anywhere, admins and HR officials will be able to log in any time they need.

You may even use these applications to interact with your staff in some situations. They can choose to have notifications delivered directly to their devices, which is faster than email.

3. Automated Features

The fundamental principle behind using an employee self-service app is efficiency. Automating repeated activities is the most efficient method that will help your entire office.

Seek out an app that removes the need for human work. Some HR software, for example, will track and compute government filings, taxes, time-off requests, and more automatically.

Consider how much money you’ll save if you can cut these chores out for just 5-10 hours each week. The cost reductions are enormous when done on a large scale.

4. Payroll Administration

The majority of HR platforms allow you to perform payroll directly from the platform. This isn’t always a deal-breaker, it all depends on your specific requirements.

However, because HR and payroll are often linked, many organizations seek a solution for both. It’s fine if you’re pleased with your existing payroll system and don’t want to move. See if you can locate HR software that works with the payroll system you’re using.

Your employees and HR team will appreciate having everything in one location.

5. Size of the Company

Another approach to limit down your options is to seek for an app that is appropriate for the size of your company.

A company with 15 workers will not have the same HR requirements as a company with 200 workers or a company with 1,500 workers. Although it appears to be a straightforward concept, many businesses miss it.

Larger companies will have more complicated HR demands, which some technologies won’t be able to handle. Small firms, on the other hand, are unlikely to require all of the functions given by HR software.

So, make sure you choose an employee self-service app that aligns with your company’s HR needs based on the number of employees.


Employee self-service app like Day Off and others are beneficial to all businesses. This concept is true regardless of the size or sector of your business.

The options suggested in this article are the ideal places to begin your search. Go through the procedure outlined in this article before making a final decision.

Assess the parameters we put forth to see which sort of HR app best suits your needs. It won’t take long, and you’ll be able to guarantee that you’re selecting the best employee self-service app that will match your needs.