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How to Hire the Best HR Manager for Your Company

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Hiring the right people at a company is the main reason behind any business’s success. HR manager and management is a crucial department in all companies, especially those of a large business. They carry out many essential duties such as recruiting or training, performance management, and employee leave management.

Hiring a professional HR manager will increase the effectiveness of your HR department and also greatly contribute to the overall success of your business therefore, you have to pay attention when recruiting your HR manager to ensure that you have employed the right person who’ll meet your company’s needs and goals.

Here, we are going to give you some tips that will help you with the process of choosing the best and most suitable HR manager for your company.

1. Determine the Skills That Your Company Needs the Most

Before hiring someone in any position, you need to know what exactly do you need in the first place. Of course, there are certain characteristics that all companies look for when searching for an HR manager like being a proficient problem solver and having high leadership skills, but each company will face different HR challenges that will require different roles from your HR manager.

Therefore, understanding the factors that are of most efficiency to your company’s growth processes is the first step for successfully choosing your HR manager. It will help you build a clear idea about what skills you are looking for in an HR manager and so makes the process of choosing the suitable one clearer and more organized.

2. Detailed and Specific Job Description

Your job description should be as clear as possible. Write down all of the responsibilities and duties expected from the HR manager in details. Mention if there is any previous experience needed to apply or if the candidate has to acquire certain skills or certificates. Make sure you also include an overview of your expectations from them and any long-term objectives.

This will ensure that no one, after employment, will complain when asked to do certain tasks, saying that they haven’t been previously informed about them, since everything was already laid out and agreed upon in the job description.

You should also mention in your job description the benefits of working for your company. A good salary and friendly working environment are what all people look for, but there are other things that companies can provide to satisfy their employees and helps make your job offer more attractive such as, flexible working hours, social and medical insurance and transportation.

Providing a detailed job description will make you attract those candidates that have the requirements and skills which you are looking for and so, you will be choosing your HR manager from the best pool of people available instead of going through hundreds of irrelevant job applications.

3. Choose Someone That is Familiar with Technology

Many technological innovations were introduced to the HR industry and lead to great exponential advancements that helped HR manager work much more productively. These technologies include performance management systems and leave manager software.

Hiring an HR manager with previous experience of working with HR tech is very crucial and will definitely make a difference with your business’s growth.

These new technologies greatly impacted the workstyle of HR managers and even other employees in the company. Leave tracking apps, such as Day Off, helps the HR managers keep track of the employees’ absence and presence in a much more efficient and easy way. Therefore, hiring an HR manager who has tech proficiency has many benefits like making employee leave management processes more accurate and ensure they run smoothly.

For example, a leave tracker software will offer many useful features to both the employees and managers. They improve the company’s decision making and greatly reduces the amount of paper work that employees do. They can also prevent pay errors, leaving employees satisfied.

A good HR manager is one that knows how to efficiently use these great technologies (such as PTO manager software, vacation tracker software and performance management software) and motivates his team to use them as well for a more flexible and simple work environment.

4.Pay Attention to Behavioral Traits During Interviews

Skills can be easily gained by most people with time and experience, but it is very hard to change someone’s behavior and traits. Therefore, when carrying out your interview pay attention to the way they talk and try to get a clear idea about their personalities.

Be honest with them during your discussion and tell them what you exactly need. Talk with them about your company’s strong points and weak points. See if they have any ideas or new approaches that may help your company.

Sharing with them these thoughts will show you who is motivated and if they are able to offer creative solutions to your problems. It will also help you know if that person will easily get along with your current teams and if they can fit with them.  

HR expertise is important, but soft skills can be as important too. Here are some qualities and characteristics that are important to look for in an HR manager:

  • Fast and efficient decision making to be able solve problems fast with minimal losses.
  • Good communication skills to build a strong relationship with his team and other employees.
  • Good technical skills to be able to use apps like Day Off easily and know how to benefit from them.
  • Has the intention to continuously learn new things that will help with your HR management system.
  • Has the ability to multitask and so, leads to higher productivity of the company.


Hiring a professional HR manager will always be of great benefit to your company. It helps boosts your business growth and makes employees satisfied. Both expertise and soft skills are essential factors to take into consideration when choosing your manager.

Things like excellent work experience, ability to handle excessive workload, knowledge about HR management and being up to date with technology are all examples of traits you should look for to spot a great HR manager.