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Self Service Software: Top 10 for Employees

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Having the right employee self-service software is essential to growing a business successfully. This software allows employees to update their own details and keep all information centralized and updated. All those facilities can make the HR manager’s job less hectic. From hiring to onboarding to scheduling meeting and dozen more responsibilities, the HR management team have to navigate through all that.

In today’s business management scenario, without incorporating the right amount of technology, all people involved in a business would experience many hassles. Therefore, employee self-service software is becoming popular for all sizes of businesses.

Software like Day Off is integrated with various programs that improve business efficiency as well as employee experience. Choosing the right employee self-service software can be challenging with a wide array of tools present in the market. Therefore, below is a list of the top ten employee management software to make your business management effortless. 


Kissflow is one of the most sought-after employee management software by businesses who want to empower their company’s human resources management aspects. This software comes with many innovative features such as applicant tracking, employee leave tracker, attendance management, employee onboarding, and offboarding functionalities. Additionally, Kissflow offers customizable HR solutions like hiring skilled talents at the right time, a PTO tracker, boosting employee engagement, various employee self-service tools, and an easy facility for feedback and evaluations. 


Namely can be your all-in-one solution for employee management. It is a popular HR, payroll, benefits, vacation tracker, and talent management platform among employees. Businesses find it easier to handle their HR  processes by implementing this software in their system. Moreover, the platform attributes features like employee management, recruiting, employee time off tracker, producing visually rich reports, analytics, and many more.


Another most reliable employee self-service software is Dayforce, which provides cloud-based software. It helps the HR managers to manage employee payroll, onboarding, offboarding, talent, benefits, and many more. It is such a comprehensive software that it would take the operates a while to utilize all its features. Although your team would find it complicated at first, this PTO tracking software would benefit your HR team and employees alike in the long run.


Peoplebook is another comprehensive employee self-service software that features employee information management, payroll tasks, proactive employee leave tracker app tool, performance management, biometrics, and employee training management, etc. The software avails many designs for producing reports; however, you can’t customize the reports. In order to know about their product pricing, contact directly with them and get a quotation for the software.

APS payroll

APS employee self-service software is an acronym that stands for “Automatic Payroll Systems.” As the name suggests, the technology offers advanced human resources and payroll services to HR teams regardless of any business size. It is a cloud-based workforce management software with integrated features like payroll, free vacation tracker, reporting, time tracking, benefits enrollment, etc.


Workday is another branded name as the employee management software with unique characteristics. All of its element focuses on finance. The software uses various tools to conduct enterprise management. Its service covers human resources, talent management, recruiting, payroll and free time off tracker, and benefits management. Furthermore, this cloud-based platform includes financial management such as business revenues, financials, business expenses, and procurement.


BerniePortal might be not so familiar employee self-service platform, which enables employees to be onboard, enroll in benefits, employee attendance clock in and out software tool, read and post reviews and sign notices, request for PTO, and access to update employee data while operating work remotely. Users can also access the BerniePortal platform from their smartphone app. This software is not only for employees; it can also function as workforce management software, talent management software, human capital management software, etc. 

Zoho People

Zoho People is one of the most popular online human resource management systems that can manage and access all your employee and client data from a centralized location. This comprehensive employee management platform allows HR managers and business operators to streamline the functionality that is associated with managing employees.

The platform is integrated with an extensive number of modules to help the HR team with employee onboarding, preparing timesheets, time off app, managing employee leaves, the work performance of each employee, manage their personal details, and benefits management.

Moreover, the software provides a wide variety of templates that can be easily customized according to your business requirements. Since Zoho charges prices per user or employee, companies who hire new employees frequently would have to pay a different amount each coming month that can make the whole payment cycle confusing. Therefore, Zoho People is more suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.


HRLocker, the employee management software, is more intended for startups and micro-businesses since it can support up to four employees, including core HR. It is a free-offering software with features like onboarding/offboarding, and absence management, etc.

However, you can upgrade the software to with the starting price of $3.50 per employee every month to manage up to fifteen employees. The platform can generate standard reports, automate the process of employee onboarding and offboarding, as well as highlight personal employee data via the HR dashboard. As cloud-based software, HRLocker offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Just like  HRLocker, Freshteam is also a free plan employee management software. The software can support up to fifty employees and simultaneous job postings. The software functions similarly as Day off app to track basic time and attendance of employees, support applicant tracking, core HR management, etc.

Its service also includes email and phone supports. The upgrading plan would cost $50 per month to give access to 50 more users and 250 employees. The basic plan would allow users for more job postings, more customization, live chat support, and more advanced features for employee time tracking.

End thought

An ideal employee management software must be user-friendly, cloud-based, and easy to incorporate. They should come with an employee self-service portal, which can also connect seamlessly with other third-party tools. All the above software in the listed sport those dynamic features to make the HR manager’s job simpler.