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Employee Appreciation Event: How to Run a Successful One?

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An image of an employee standing at the center wearing a gold medal because he is the employee of the month, surrounded by four thumbs-up symbols.

Employee appreciation event is the time for which employees wait for the entire year. It is an event where the great work of employees is recognized and celebrated, and many organizations take it quite seriously. The event is an excellent way to show employees that the chief and HR management section of the organization actually cares for their employees. This also lessens the amount of leave taken by the employees as they feel appreciated. In fact, several organizations witnessed higher employee retention and workers’ engagement by conducting the event.

There is no good time than the appreciation event to begin putting ideas for the entire year recognition into practice. The employees are less likely to forget the appreciation event when all their efforts are provided with reward points or when they get a thank you from their HR managers.

On this event, employers across the globe make the needed extra effort to appreciate the dedication of the employees, and numerous companies have embraced the occasion to recognize the contributions of their employees. The workers are provided special gifts and surprises at the event. Here you will know the reason this event is so important and the ways the employee appreciation event can be celebrated successfully.

Why is it Important to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Event?

Most of the workweeks concentrate on business goals, management decisions, or customer issues. On the other hand, an employee appreciation event is a special day where the teams are focused on who makes everything happen on a daily basis. Even a small recognition can make a huge impact on the motivation of employees. They take very few days off, and their engagement improves. You can view this through the day off app available these days. In particular, the recognition stimulates oxytocin levels, and these chemicals get created when people bond socially.

Several research studies show that employee recognition also leads to a better customer experience. Studies represent that leaves are taken much less when seen in the PTO tracker after conducting employee appreciation events. But for making a successful appreciation event, you will need several ways in which you can celebrate employees’ work.

Different ways for celebrating the Employee Appreciation Event

1. Reward with experiences and gift cards

Cards are quite popular for a reason. These cards provide the employees the capability to select rewards that they find meaningful. If you want to reward all the employees who have taken less free time by viewing the free time off tracker, you can provide them an exceptional experience by taking them to a theme park or a day trip. You can also take them to favorite restaurants or spas where they can enjoy their day.

2. Playing games and socialize

Organizations can engage in proper team games such as pub quiz, scavenger hunt, or office Olympics. It can be a great opportunity for teams to know everyone well in a fun setting and introduce healthy competition to innovative thinking. There are chances that you can see coworkers in a different light. Having fun together also brings colleagues closer, and this lessens the leave taken numbers when analyzed through the employee leave tracker app.

3. Get creative

Research shows that creative outlets other than work help in boosting job performance and reduce absenteeism when viewed from PTO tracking software. Introduce employees to take part in fun activities like painting, flower arrangement, cooking, origami, or crocheting. For making sure that all employees participate in those activities, propose several options and allow everyone to sign up in their preferred activity. It increases brain thinking and helps to take the masterpiece to their homes.

4. Take employees on a field trip

You can organize one field trip to the botanical garden, local museum, or park. There are also other options like visiting a factory or a picnic. Use the employee appreciation event as an opportunity to know your organization better. This will create a memorable day for the employees where they will have fun and learn something new. When you take the employees on field trips, they are less likely to take a lot of vacation leaves. Through a free vacation tracker, you can know how many leaves employees took for their vacation. 

5. Bring some treats

Desserts like cupcakes, candy, and donuts are some common appreciation tokens but take a step further and keep track of the favorites of employees. Instead of a chocolate box, bring in some cookies. After viewing the employee time off tracker, you can slip some questions about their favorable sweets in their free time and bring some delightful sweets to the employee appreciation event.

6. Beautify their workspace

In the employee appreciation event, one of the best things to do is to provide some greenery to the employees for their office desk. This will make them feel nice, and they will feel less stuck inside. The greenery will bring a fresh mindset, and the vacation leaves will reduce when you see it from the vacation tracker as the employees will enjoy their everyday. 

7. Send letters or postcards

Letters, postcards, or any other form of mail are a kind of special joy for employees when they receive it in the pandemic. Write an appreciation letter for all the employees, and this letter may be something which they can pin in their workspace. Also, remember to provide a special letter of appreciation to those employees who put in a lot of effort and took fewer leaves. For this, you can make a decision by looking at the leave tracker apps.

8. Film a video clip

You can ask your employees to participate in a short selfie video and thank the leadership teams for their support and care. This can be a full-fledged appreciation video. It is quite a meaningful way to portray your appreciation.

9. Provide dedicated time off

When it comes to time, it is something that cannot be taken back. When you see the time off app, you will get to know that even the employees who love their work always like a little free time. There are several time-based ways for rewarding the employees for putting in such hard work. Provide the employees some rest time to recharge again and get productive. Announcing such dedicated time off will be the biggest gift to employees at the employee appreciation event.


While it is great to have a successful employee appreciation event, organizations should not forget that employees need to be appreciated and organized every day. The more they get appreciated, the better they will get motivated.