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Company trips : 3 ways to make employees excited about them

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Employees get stuck inside the infinite cycle of work and they get bored after a while. Their motivation will decrease drastically, their productivity will decree, they will be gloomy about group projects, and eventually, they might quit their jobs. Employees try to fight their boredom by asking for raises and PTO but there is a better solution for it. Travel incentives are a great way to encourage your employees and make them motivated. When rewarding your employees it doesn’t always have to be cash prizes, because cash prizes will be used to pay the bills and much other stuff the same as their payroll. You can offer trips as rewards to make your employees make memories and change their moods so that they be motivated at their jobs. Here are 3 ways to get your employees excited about company trips.

1- Make Arrangements or Make Your Employees Choose it

Arranging a company trip that will impress your employees may be challenging, sometimes your employees would want you to book them the trips, choose the place, book the hotel and organize their vacation schedule but leave some activities to the choice of the employee. You should respect that not all of your employees will enjoy the same activities, so make your employees do some of their activities based on their likes and dislikes. Some employees will enjoy hikes and others will enjoy surfboarding, so put in mind the difference in mindsets. One way to make your employees excited for company trips is to let your employees choose the trip themselves, you can include a poll with multiple destinations in your employee self-service software and make your employees choose the destination they would love to have a company trip at.

2- Include Trips in Your Benefits and Create a Culture of Traveling in the Workplace

Most employers when introducing benefits to their employees, offer them health and retirement insurance but they don’t include trips and wellness vacations. As an employer, you can form a strategy to include paid trips in your employees’ benefits and give the responsibility of planning the trip to HR.

You could create a budget for traveling that can fully cover the expenses for your employees or only cover a major part of the expenses. Encourage your employees to talk about their trips and share their experiences, this will make your employees feel more excited to return to their jobs. Ask your employees to ask each other whether they enjoyed the trip or not and encourage your employees to tell you stories about their trip, this will increase engagement between your employees and excite other employees for company trips.

Take your employees’ feedback after a company trip, did they like the hotel, did they enjoy the activities, and on a scale from 1 to 10 how much did they enjoy the trip? You can include a survey in your employee self-service software to take any employee’s feedback after they go on a company trip or vacation.

3- Be flexible on Vacation Days

When employees take a vacation to go on a trip they get worried that their bosses may not go easy on them on how many continuous days they can take, so they get afraid to ask for a vacation to go on a trip. You can be an easy boss and be flexible on the vacation days more and let them know that they can continue their work and tasks when they get back to the workplace and enjoy themselves. You can monitor your employees’ vacation days and activity more easily by using Vacation manager software or PTO manager software.

What you should do when going on a business trip with your employees?

1- Communicate with Your Employees

During a business trip, you should have face-to-face talks with your employees, and check if they have settled well in their rooms. A face-to-face talk will make your employees feel more valued and appreciated and will make them more motivated for any upcoming business trips.

2- Your Employees’ Mood Depends on Yours

You can’t be gloomy and slack in your work and expect your employees to be joyful and do their jobs perfectly. You have to lead by example and be a joyful boss because good moods are infectious and will make your employees motivated and excited to go on any business trip with you.

3- Let your employees have a great time after work is done

After the work is done on the business trip you can extend the trip for a day or more for your employees to have a little fun and enjoy themselves. When your employees know that the business trip isn’t all about business and that they can enjoy themselves and have fun, they will be looking forward to and excited about any business trip.

What will you benefit from making your employees travel?

1-Breaking the work cycle

Traveling and having fun whether it is a vacation or a couple of days after finishing a business trip will improve your employees’ morale and increase their productivity and also this will make your employees get rid of workplace or office boredom.

2-Increase engagement in the workplace

This will increase engagement between your employees and build your team better. During business trips, your employees can interact in activities together which will bring them to know each other better.

3-Increase loyalty and reduce turnover rate

This will increase your employees’ loyalty and reduce the turnover rate at your workplace. Once your employees have a travel experience in your business they will rethink multiple times before quitting.

4-Improve your employees’ well being

Travel opportunities will improve your employees’ well-being. When your employees travel and have a change of scenery, this will recharge their social battery and any employee who was less productive due to boredom will have the chance to relax and recharge their productivity and be motivated for their work when they return to the workplace.