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7+ Long Weekends In Croatia

An image of Santa Cloth holding Croatia Flag

In 2024, Croatia, celebrated for its breathtaking coastline and rich historical tapestry, offers a series of long weekends, ideal for both travelers and locals. These extended breaks are a result of public holidays strategically aligning with weekends, thereby creating additional days off. This setup presents a splendid opportunity to delve into Croatia’s diverse landscapes and historical landmarks. From the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea to the historic fortifications of Dubrovnik, each long weekend is a gateway to the country’s natural splendors and lively urban centers. Whether it’s a relaxing excursion to serene islands, a historical tour of ancient towns, or a gastronomic adventure indulging in Croatian culinary delights, in 2024, the long weekends in Croatia enhanced with extra day off, are perfect for thorough relaxation and exploration in this captivating European destination.

Long weekends in Croatia

1.New Year’s Day, Jan 1 (Monday)

2.Easter Monday, April 1 (Monday)

3.Corpus Christi, May 30 (Thursday)

4.Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day, August 5 (Monday)

5.Assumption Day, August 15 (Thursday)

6.All Saints Day, November 1 (Friday)

7.Remembrance Day, November 18 (Monday)

8.St. Stephen’s Day, December 26 (Thursday)

Long weekends in details:

New Year’s Day December 30 to Jan 1 (Saturday to Monday)

known as “Silvestrovo”,

features public celebrations, family gatherings, and midnight fireworks. Traditional foods like sarma (cabbage rolls) are enjoyed. The day itself, a public holiday, is quieter, with people often relaxing at home or attending church services. This holiday symbolizes hope, renewal, and unity for Croatians as they welcome the new year.

Easter Monday March 30 to April 1 (Saturday to Monday)

As a predominantly Catholic nation, Croatians attend Mass and engage in festive activities, including sharing traditional meals with painted eggs and special breads. It’s a time for family gatherings and marks the end of Holy Week and Lent, symbolizing a period of joy and communal spirit.

Corpus Christi May 30 to June 2 (Thursday to Sunday)

known as “Tijelovo” in Croatia,

It honors the belief in the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. In Croatia, a country with deep Catholic roots, this public holiday is marked by grand processions through streets, with the faithful following the consecrated host.

Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day August 3 to August 5 (Saturday to Monday)

commemorates the 1995 military victory in Operation Storm during the Croatian War of Independence. This public holiday honors the liberation of Krajina and remembers those who perished in the war. Marked by parades, concerts, and memorial services, it is a day of national pride and reflection, highlighted by the symbolic raising of the Croatian flag in Knin.

Assumption Day August 15 to August 18 (Thursday to Sunday)

This Catholic holiday, honoring the Virgin Mary’s ascent into Heaven, is marked by special masses, processions, and notably, pilgrimages to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Trsat in Rijeka. Coinciding with the summer season, it’s a time of festive gatherings, family meals, and cultural events like folk music and dances, particularly in coastal towns, reflecting Croatia’s rich heritage.

All Saints Day November 1 to November 3 (Friday to Sunday)

people honor deceased loved ones. Families visit cemeteries, adorning graves with candles and flowers, creating a reflective atmosphere. This day is marked by remembrance and family gatherings, as well as special church services, reflecting its deep cultural and religious significance in Croatia’s predominantly Catholic society.

Remembrance Day November 16 to November 18 (Saturday to Monday)

known as “Dan Sjećanja”,

It marks the anniversary of the tragic events of the Croatian War of Independence, particularly remembering the fall of Vukovar in 1991. This day serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices and the suffering endured during the war.

St. Stephen’s Day December 26 to December 29 (Thursday to Sunday)

You can take Monday & Tuesday as a day off, and enjoy a long leave.

is a public holiday that follows Christmas. It honors Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr, and is deeply rooted in Croatian Christian traditions. The day is marked by religious services, family gatherings, and traditional Croatian feasting.