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Day Off

Day Off, The leave management for companies.

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Day Off is an application designed to streamline leave management for companies. An Overview Look At Day Off App’s Features And Users Experience.

Features of Day Off

1.Company Account Creation:

  • Users can create a company account by entering basic information such as the company name, email, password, and location. The platform allows the addition of different teams within the company, each with their unique configurations, managers, and employees​​.

2.Customizable Settings:

  • The app enables customization of company settings, including working days, weekends, leave balances, and leave types. It supports country-specific official holidays and allows for the addition of other holidays. Customization can also be applied to individual teams within the company​​.

3.Leave Request Management:

  • Day Off provides a full calendar view of team leaves and a detailed list of received leave requests. It allows for easy acceptance or rejection of requests and supports exporting leave reports to Excel sheets​​.


  • The app has a feature for sending announcements to the entire team, eliminating the need for emails or physical notice boards​​.

5.Setting Working Days and Balances:

  • Users can set the working days and leave balances for their teams​​.

6.Submitting Leave Requests:

  • Employees can submit leave requests digitally, choosing leave types, dates, and reasons. The requests are sent for approval to the designated managers​​.

7.Viewing Leave Balances and Holidays:

  • Employees can view their leave balances and the official holidays of their country​​.


  • The app has a feature to integrate with Google Calendar, Slack and Outlook Calendar.

User Reviews and Ratings

Day Off has received generally positive feedback:

  • Overall Rating: 4.7/5, based on 99 reviews​​.
  • Ease-of-Use: Rated 4.5/5, indicating user-friendliness​​.
  • Customer Support: Also rated 4.5/5, suggesting good support services​​.
  • Value for Money: Receives the highest score of 5/5, reflecting its cost-effectiveness​​.
  • Functionality: Rated 4.5/5, showing that it meets various user needs effectively​​.


  • Great user interface and ease of use.
  • The free offering is considered robust.
  • Customization features and helpful reports are highly valued​​.


  • Some users expressed a desire for more flexibility in sick leave tracking.
  • There are requests for more specific details regarding date settings for the year​​.

In summary, Day Off offers comprehensive features for leave management for companies, including customization options, easy leave request processing, and efficient communication tools. The positive user reviews highlight its user-friendliness, effective customer support, and good value for money, making it a viable option for businesses looking to streamline their leave management processes.