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2022 Public Holidays in USA

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One of the favorite things for many of us is planning a vacation. Nothing is better than a well-planned calendar with flight info and dinner reservations. But first you need to know when exactly to do it. These holidays reflect the spirit of unity and pride shared by Americans across the nation. Let’s explore the USA’s public holiday calendar for the year.
Here is a list of the 2022 public holidays in USA, where most of government offices, businesses, shops and banks will be closed on:

Public Holiday Date
Martin Luther King Jr. DayMon, Jan 17, 2022
Memorial DayMon, May 30, 2022
Independence DayMon, Jul 4, 2022
Labor DayMon, Sep 5, 2022
Veterans DayFri, Nov 11, 2022
ThanksgivingThu, Nov 24, 2022
Christmas DayMon, Dec 26, 2022

These public holidays in USA are more than just day off; they represent the nation’s history, diversity, and shared values. Each holiday fosters a sense of community, reminding Americans of the strength found in unity and the rich tapestry of their collective heritage. As 2022 unfolds, these celebrations will continue to bind communities together, embodying the spirit of the land of the free and the home of the brave.