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2022 Public Holidays in UK

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One of the favorite things for many of us is planning a vacation. Nothing is better than a well-planned calendar with flight info and dinner reservations. But first you need to know when exactly to do it. These holidays not only mark moments of historical importance but also provide an opportunity for communities across the UK to come together, celebrate, and cherish the nation’s heritage.
Here is a list of the 2022 public holidays in the UK, where most of government offices, businesses, shops and banks will be closed:

New Year’s DayMon, Jan 3, 2022
Good FridayFri, Apr 15, 2022
Easter MondayMon, Apr 18, 2022
Early May Bank HolidayMon, May 2, 2022
Spring Bank HolidayThu, Jun 2, 2022
Platinum Jubilee bank holidayFri, Jun 3, 2022
Summer Bank HolidayMon, Aug 29, 2022
Boxing DayMon, Dec 26, 2022
Christmas DayTue, Dec 27, 2022

As the UK welcomes 2022, these public holidays or day off not only offer a break from the routine but also serve as a reminder of the country’s rich cultural tapestry and the spirit of unity that binds its diverse communities. Each holiday brings its unique traditions, making the UK’s public holiday calendar a colorful mosaic of celebrations, reflecting the nation’s identity and heritage.