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6+ Florida Long Weekend 2024

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Florida is expected to have multiple long weekends in 2024, providing both locals and tourists with the chance to experience the state’s enviable scenery, dynamic towns, and rich cultural heritage. These longer vacations are the ideal opportunity to enjoy all that Florida has to offer, from its well-known theme parks and stunning beaches to its distinctive wildlife and outdoor experiences. Florida long weekend in 2024 offer the perfect setting for creating enduring experiences in the Sunshine State, whether it’s a family vacation, or a single adventure. Let’s explore the possibilities for exploration and relaxation throughout these extended weekends.

2024 Long Weekends in Florida

  •  New Year’s Day: 31 Dec – Jan 1st, 2024 (Monday)
  •  Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: 13 Jan – 15 Jan (Monday)
  •  Memorial Day: 25 May – 27 May (Monday)
  •  Independence Day: 4 July – 7 July (Thursday)
  •  Labor Day: 31 Aug – Sep 2nd (Monday)
  •  Veteran’s Day: 9 November – 11 November (Monday)
  •  Thanksgiving Day: 28 November – December 2nd (Thursday)

In More Details:

 New Year’s Day: 31 Dec – Jan 1st, 2024 (Monday)

long weekend around New Year’s Day in 2023. Since New Year’s Day falls on a Monday, the preceding weekend, starting from Saturday, will form a three-day long weekend. When a public holiday falls on Monday, it often creates a long weekend for many.

 Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: 13 Jan – 15 Jan (Monday)

Another long weekend in 2024, related to the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, which falls on Monday, January 15, 2024. The weekend begins on Saturday, January 13, and extends through Monday, January 15, providing a three-day long weekend. This holiday is dedicated to honoring the legacy and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a pivotal figure in the American civil rights movement.

 Memorial Day: 25 May – 27 May (Monday)

In 2024, Memorial Day is one of Florida long weekend in 2024 which falls on Monday, May 27. This means that there will be a long weekend from Saturday, May 25, to Monday, May 27. In the United States, many people honor military personnel who have lost their lives while serving throughout this long weekend. This weekend is also well-liked for picnics, memorial services, and other outdoor pursuits.

 Independence Day: 4 July – 7 July (Thursday)

July 4, 2024, falls on a Thursday, and it is observed as Independence Day in the United States. By taking one day of leave on Friday, July 5th, you can create a four-day long weekend, starting from Thursday, July 4th, and extending through the weekend.

 Labor Day: 31 Aug – Sep 2nd (Monday)

In fact, Florida will have a long weekend starting on August 31, 2024, with Monday, September 2, being Labour Day. Every year on the first Monday in September, workers celebrate Labour Day, a federal holiday. It pays tribute to and acknowledges the labor movement in the United States as well as the efforts and contributions of laborers to the growth and accomplishments of the country.

 Veteran’s Day: 9 November – 11 November (Monday)

Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11th. In 2024, November 11th falls on a Monday, making it a long weekend from Saturday, November 9th, to Monday, November 11th. This long weekend starts on Saturday, the 9th of November, and includes Veterans Day itself on Monday.

 Thanksgiving Day: 28 November – December 1st (Thursday)

One of Florida long weekend in 2024, Thanksgiving Day falls on Thursday, November 28, and the day after Thanksgiving, often referred to as Black Friday, is on November 29. This period presents an opportunity for extended weekends:

  • Four-Day Long Weekend: By taking a day off on Friday, November 29, you can enjoy a four-day long weekend starting from Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving Day).
  • Three-Day Long Weekend: Alternatively, without taking an additional day off, you can have a three-day long weekend from Friday, November 29 to Sunday, December 1, starting with the Friday after Thanksgiving.