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6+ Public Holidays In Vietnam

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Vietnam, a country steeped in rich history and diverse cultural traditions, boasts a calendar full of public holidays in Vietnam that provide a fascinating glimpse into its heritage and values, along with the much awaited day off. As we step into the year 2024, let’s take a closer look at the public holidays in Vietnam citizens and tourists can look forward to. These holidays not only provide an opportunity for relaxation but also offer a chance to immerse oneself in the vibrant culture of this Southeast Asian nation.

Public Holidays In Vietnam

1.New Year’s Day (January 1st, 2024)

2.Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year) – January 24th to 26th, 2024

3.Hung Kings’ Temple Festival – April 10th, 2024

4.Reunification Day (April 30th, 2024) and International Labor Day (May 1st, 2024)

5.National Day (September 2nd, 2024)

6.Mid-Autumn Festival (Tet Trung Thu) – September 19th, 2024

7.Tet Ta (New Year’s Eve) – December 31st, 2024

Public Holidays In Details:

New Year’s Day (January 1st, 2024)

The year kicks off with a bang as Vietnam joins the global celebration of New Year’s Day on January 1st. While this holiday is not steeped in traditional Vietnamese culture, it is a day off for people to welcome the coming year with joy and anticipation. You can expect to see colorful fireworks displays, parties, and gatherings in major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year) – January 24th to 26th, 2024

Tet Nguyen Dan, or the Lunar New Year, is the most important and cherished holiday in Vietnam. Falling on the first day of the lunar calendar, Tet marks the arrival of spring and is a time for family reunions, ancestral worship, and paying respects to elders. The celebrations typically last for several days, with many businesses and schools closing for the duration, granting everyone a well-deserved break. Visitors during this time can witness traditional customs such as dragon and lion dances, the giving of lucky money in red envelopes (li xi), and the preparation of special dishes like banh chung (sticky rice cakes).

Hung Kings’ Temple Festival – April 10th, 2024

The Hung Kings’ Temple Festival is a unique holiday that pays homage to the country’s legendary founders, the Hung Kings. On this day, many Vietnamese people make a pilgrimage to the Hung Temple in Phu Tho province to show their respect and gratitude to these mythical ancestors. The festival includes processions, traditional rituals, and cultural performances, providing a chance for participants to reflect on their heritage and enjoy a day off.

Reunification Day (April 30th, 2024) and International Labor Day (May 1st, 2024)

Reunification Day, also known as Victory Day or Liberation Day, marks the fall of Saigon to North Vietnamese forces in 1975, leading to the reunification of North and South Vietnam. This day is followed by International Labor Day, which honors the contributions of the country’s workforce. Together, these two holidays result in a long weekend for relaxation and reflection, giving people an extended break to unwind and commemorate this historic period.

National Day (September 2nd, 2024)

National Day in Vietnam commemorates the declaration of independence from French colonial rule on September 2, 1945. This important day is marked by parades, patriotic speeches, and cultural performances, with citizens coming together to celebrate their country’s sovereignty and history, while also enjoying a day off to spend with family and friends.

Mid-Autumn Festival (Tet Trung Thu) – September 19th, 2024

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a joyful occasion for families to gather, particularly for the children. Colorful lanterns light up the streets, and mooncakes are shared among loved ones. This holiday celebrates the beauty of the full moon and the importance of family bonds, providing a delightful day off for everyone to enjoy.

Tet Ta (New Year’s Eve) – December 31st, 2024

The year comes to a close with Tet Ta, or New Year’s Eve. While this holiday is not as grand as Western New Year’s celebrations, it holds its own charm. Families come together for a sumptuous dinner, bid farewell to the old year, and welcome the new one with hopes and dreams, enjoying a peaceful day off to prepare for the festivities ahead.


Vietnam’s 2024 public holidays offer a unique blend of cultural traditions and historical significance, accompanied by the welcome addition of day off. Whether you are a tourist looking to experience the country’s rich heritage or a local eager to celebrate with family and friends, these holidays provide ample opportunities to explore Vietnam’s vibrant culture and create lasting memories, all while relishing the chance to relax and enjoy some well-deserved time off. From Tet Nguyen Dan to National Day, each holiday holds a special place in the hearts of the Vietnamese people, making them worth experiencing firsthand.

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