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Public Holidays In Saudi Arabia In 2024

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Saudi Arabia commemorates a number of national holidays that have a big impact on work life and employee schedules because of its rich cultural past and ingrained customs. Islamic festivals and national celebrations are the main themes of these holidays. Important vacation includes Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, which are observed at the conclusion of Ramadan and during the Hajj pilgrimage season, respectively. This article will discuss the public holidays in Saudi Arabia for the year 2024, which is not only a day off for employees and school they have a significant role in Saydi Arabia.

These celebrations typically result in prolonged leave from work. In honor of the union of the nation, the Kingdom also observes its National Day. On certain public holidays, companies usually close or have shortened hours so that staff members can observe religious holidays, spend time with loved ones, and take part in group activities. This public holiday policy demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s dedication to keeping a balance between work obligations and the cultural and religious customs that play a major role in its residents’ daily lives.

Saudi Arabia Public Holidays 2024:

  • Feb 22, Thursday – Founding Day (National Holiday)
  • Mar 11, Monday – Saudi Flag Day (National Holiday)
  • Apr 07, Sunday – Eid Al Fitr Holiday (Government Holiday, Public sector only)
  • Apr 08, Monday – Eid Al Fitr Holiday (Government Holiday, Public sector only)
  • Apr 09, Tuesday – Eid Al Fitr Holiday (Government Holiday, Public sector only)
  • Apr 10, Wednesday – Eid Al Fitr (National Holiday, End of Ramadan)
  • Apr 11, Thursday – Eid Al Fitr Holiday (National Holiday)
  • Apr 12, Friday – Eid Al Fitr Holiday (National Holiday)
  • Apr 13, Saturday – Eid Al Fitr Holiday (National Holiday)
  • Jun 16, Sunday – Eid Al Adha (Government Holiday, Arafat (Haj) Day)
  • Jun 17, Monday – Eid Al Adha (National Holiday, Date varies on Lunar cycle)
  • Jun 18, Tuesday – Eid Al Adha (National Holiday)
  • Jun 19, Wednesday – Eid Al Adha (National Holiday)
  • Jun 20, Thursday – Eid Al Adha (Government Holiday, Public sector only)
  • Jun 21, Friday – Eid Al Adha (Government Holiday, Public sector only)
  • Sep 23, Monday – National Day (National Holiday, The day of the unification of the Kingdom)

These holidays provide insight into Saudi Arabia’s celebration of traditional and national festivals, reflecting the cultural and religious significance of numerous events in the country.

The Difference Between the Public and Private Sectors

In Saudi Arabia, there are differences in how the public and private sectors observe holidays. Certain holidays are reserved exclusively for those working in the public sector, as you can see from the list I previously supplied. Some days of Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr, for instance, are designated as “Government Holiday, Public sector only.” This suggests that while people working for the government may take certain days off, people working for the private sector may not.

When it comes to religious holidays, Saudi Arabian public sector workers often get more days off than private sector workers. Though the length and exact days may differ depending on the company’s policy, the private sector may also observe these holidays.

Because private businesses have their own standards regarding holiday observance, it’s crucial for workers in both sectors to confirm the precise dates and days they are entitled to have off with their respective employers.


The official holidays of Saudi Arabia, which have their roots in the country’s cultural and religious traditions, have a big impact on how well workers manage work and personal life. These occasions, which include the National Day, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha, provide time for religious observances, family get-togethers, and cultural engagement for workers in the public and private sectors. The public sector frequently takes longer vacations than the private sector, albeit there are differences in how these holidays are observed. In addition to offering much-needed time off from work, these holidays also demonstrate the nation’s dedication to upholding its customs and values, which benefits the workforce as a whole.

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