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Day Off

Advice and answers from the Day Off Team

4. Employee Profile

From the employees’ list, you can go to any employee’s profile by clicking on their name, or by clicking ” View profile” from the corresponding actions.

In the Employee profile you can find the following tabs:


In this tab, you can view and edit the employee’s main information
(name, email or phone number, joining date, time zone and location)


Shows pending and past leave requests of the employee.


Shows the leave types and balance details of the employee, with the ability to customize it manually.


Shows the employee’s team and approvers.


This section will show you which leave policy the employee is following, and in case you want to assign him to any custom policy you have all you need to do is to select the leave policy and click on “save change” and it will display for you the modifications that will happen to the employee’s balances.

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