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Day Off

Advice and answers from the Day Off Team

1.2.3. Locations and Holidays

If you have employees in different countries or locations, you can use the multi-locations feature to add locations and assign different leave policies to them

Add Location

1. Go to “Settings”, then “Location & holidays”
2. Click “Add new location”
3. Enter the following required location information
(Location name, Time zone, Week starting day, Leave policy)
4. Check the working days and uncheck the weekends of the location
5. You can set this location as the default location
6. Click “Save”

Add the Location’s Official Holidays

You can add the official holidays manually or by importing them from Google Calendar

Add Holidays Manually

1. Select the required year from the “Year” menu
2. Click “Add Holiday”
3. Enter the holiday name, start and end dates
4. Click “Save”

Import from Google Calendar

1. Click “Import holidays from Google”
2. Select the required year from the “Year” menu
3. From the “Country” menu select the required country
4. Click “Find holidays”
5. The list of official holidays from Google Calendar will show
6. Select the required holidays to import
7. Click “Confirm”

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