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Day Off

Advice and answers from the Day Off Team

1.2. Company Settings

As the company Admin or HR manager, you have the authority to establish various settings for your company:

Leave types

You can customize the types of leave in your company, such as PTO, Unpaid leave, Sick leave…. etc.

Leave policies

You can set leave policies to be assigned to the employees using their location or their team. or you can assign a custom leave policy for a specific employee to match his needs.

Locations and holidays

You can set multiple locations and add the official holidays of each location, to prevent any errors while tracking your employees’ balance.

Calendar options

You can determine what employees can view on their dashboard calendar.

Reset balance

You can set the schedule for resetting employees’ leave balances based on a specific month, you also have the option to make it reset based on each employee anniversary date.

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