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Your data security is our priority!

Our priority is to make you feel as much secure as possible while using Day Off. We follow top-notch industry-leading practices to protect our users’ data. We partner with experts to validate our security, privacy, and compliance controls. 


That’s how Day Off keeps your data secure

Data transfer and encryption

Our dedication extends beyond streamlined leave tracking and PTO management as we prioritize safeguarding and securing your information. Data encryption safeguards your information during transmission via TLS and at rest. Day Off web and mobile applications maintain secure connections with backend services through HTTPS/SSL certificates. Employing the robust SSL 256-bit encryption, a choice of top-tier highly sensitive organizations and banks ensures your data’s utmost protection.

Secure software development

Throughout every stage of the development process, the team behind the Day Off app prioritizes the security of users’ data. By employing a meticulous approach, they blend both manual and automated data security and vulnerability assessments, ensuring that potential weaknesses are identified and addressed proactively. This comprehensive strategy not only guarantees that the app is built with security in mind from the ground up but also aligns with the best practices of quality assurance.

Employees trainings

Security is a crucial aspect team wide. All Day off employees undergo security training and assessments to ensure the best practices when dealing with users’ data. Day Off employees will access customer data only if necessary for the purpose of providing support, and only with explicit permission from the users.

Hosting and data storage

Our hosting service provider is AICPA, SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3 Type II certified, and more. Through successful adherence to this internationally acknowledged framework for information security controls, our hosting server has showcased its dedication to safeguarding confidential customer and corporate data.

Backup and disaster recovery

Every day, your data is backed up (with a Recovery Point Objective of 24 hours) and securely encrypted in diverse locations to enhance your protection. Our backup procedures undergo frequent testing and verification to ensure the service operates at full capacity. We adopt a proactive approach that includes meticulously crafted backup and disaster recovery protocols, prepared to swiftly respond to unforeseen events.


Day Off diligently adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to ensure the utmost security in its payment processes. By implementing stringent measures and protocols, Day Off safeguards sensitive payment card information during transactions. We use Stripe which is designed to encrypt and protect data at every step, from transmission to storage. 

SOC 2 Report

Day Off is working with a third-party auditor to maintain the SOC 2 report, demonstrating its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security, privacy, and compliance. This report reflects the app's commitment to safeguarding user data through comprehensive internal controls and processes. By undergoing rigorous assessments and audits, Day Off ensures that its systems and practices consistently meet the stringent criteria set by SOC 2. Users can trust that their information is handled in accordance with the industry's best practices, providing them with a secure and reliable experience when using the app.

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