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2. Dashboard

In the Dashboard you can find all about your leaves and balances as follows:


  • In the calendar you can find your approved past and coming leaves.
  • Based on the calendar settings made by the company admin, you can also find the leaves of your colleagues in the team or in the entire company so you can know who is on a leave in certain days.

Used Balance

You can find all your leave types, used and remaining balance for each type.

Leave Requests

  • You can find all your pending and past leave requests with their details and acceptance status.
  • In case you changed your mind you can delete the pending leave request from the delete button next to it.

Pending Requests

  • If you are a First Approver/Direct Manager, then you will receive your employees leave requests first to get  the first approval.
  • In the Pending Requests section you can find your team’s requests that needs your approval.
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