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How to Keep the Motivated Spirit of Your Team

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Talented employees are the most valuable asset of any corporation, and in order to get a bigger gain and better results from every team member, then keeping your team motivated is a must. Here are some tip to keep the motivated spirit of your team members.

Provide a Pleasant Workplace

A healthy and positive workplace is a great factor that affects the productivity of your team, and most importantly their feel of comfort during the working day. A clean workplace, comfortable desk, clean air and some plants are the best combination for a healthy workplace and happy productive employees.

Pay Them What They Worth

When it comes to setting your employees’ salaries, make sure that their salaries are consistent with what other companies in your industry and area are paying. Some statistics show that about 25% of employees can leave their company to another one for just 5% increase in salary, so don’t lose your employees because you are not paying them enough.

Show Respect

An employee feeling respected is an employee having a reason to give more effort and produce better results. Even if an employee loves the work, feeling disrespected won’t make them commit for so long. When they feel respected and appreciated, you will get extraordinary results.

Set Goals

The best way to motivate people is to give them a goal you achieve. Set the finish line and don’t move it, put milestones and keep them updated when they reach it, let them feel the progress they are making to make them want to do more and more.

Share Your Thoughts and Vision

Your team members will be more committed when they feel that they are part of your business goal and future vision. When people understand your mission, and feel the value of their role in the big process, they will be more committed and willing to reach the goals with you.

Provide the Needed Tools

When giving tasks, don’t ask people to do things in ways that are much more difficult and time consuming than they should be. Provide your team with modern tools to help them finish their work in an efficient way, don’t make them use old fashioned techniques that could be difficult and boring to use. And stay open for new tools suggestions that can improve the quality of the work.

Don’t Clip Their Wings

Make your employees spread their wings, give them some space to innovate and come up with creative ideas and solutions. Ideas that may sound strange at first can turn out the greatest of all that your team has ever worked with. So don’t lock them up in a box and let the new ideas break free.

Give Feedback

You can be happy and proud of your team’s performance, but do you tell them that? Offering positive feedback is important to keep the spirit up as many managers fail to tell their tea that things are going well, and because of this many employees find that they are only getting negative feedback. It’s important to let them know you’ve noticed them doing something right.

Be Available

Make sure that you’re accessible to your staff and they can reach you easily, especially when they need your help. It’s really frustrating for and employee to feel that their job is of a low priority due to not being able to easily reach his manager. Remember, even the smallest role is important for your firm to keep going.

Praise and Recognize Their Efforts

Your employees need to feel appreciated and that their efforts are effective and recognized. Thanking employees publicly for their efforts builds loyalty and commitment and makes them motivated to do more. And there are many ways to reward your employees for their efforts maybe with raises, lunch treats, team parties, paid vacation and time off , or even a certificate.