Company/ HR Manager

You can easily create your team, open the app, choose “create a team”, add your company name, email, and password and choose the country, then press “sign up”. Your account is now created and you can proceed to set your company’s settings.
After creating the company’s account, you can choose the working days, types of leaves and balances as well as customizing the employee’s view.
To edit leaves balance, go to the settings page, choose “Leave Type Balance”, you will find the leaves types that were set before, you can edit the balance of each leave type, balance unit, and balance durartion, also you can enable/disable a certain leave type.
From the employees section, press the “ Add Employee” button, enter the employee’s name and email then and invitation with an access code will be sent to them to join your team.
Leaves requests are viewed in the requests section, the homepage of the company view, where you will find the listing of eaves requests, each request shows the employee’s name and picture, leave type, number of requested days off and the start and end dates of the requested leave, and you can accept or reject the request from the buttons on each request. By clicking on a certain request you ca view the previously mentioned request details as well as the leave reason, where you also can accept or reject the request.
To send an announcement, go to the settings section, press “Send Announcements”, just type your message and it will be sent to the entire team by E-mail.
From the employees section you can view a list of the employees in the team.
To view an employee’s profile, go to the employees’ list, press on the required employee’s picture where their profile will be viewed. You can view the employee’s balance, pending requests and leaves history.
To edit a certain employee’s balance, go to the employees section, open the required employee’s profile and press the edit icon to edit the balance.
From the Employees section, you can call or send an email to a certain employee using the phone and message icons next to the employee’s name.
To delete an employee, open the employee’s profile and press the delete icon on the upper right of the screen.
From the settings section, you can view the official holidays of the country of your company that was chosen when creating the team account, you can also add a new official holiday to the existing list.
To add an official holiday, go to the holidays’ section, choose “Add Other Holiday” on the top of the page, enter the holiday’s name, start and end dates then click “Add Another Holiday” and the holiday will be added to your official holidays list.
Yes you can by editing the required employees’ balances one by one.
A manager is an employee, so you have to the manager as usual then assign them as manager for other employees. You can add employees and choose their managers form the list of employees that were previously added or from a certain employee’s profile.
Leave balance of the new year is set automatically at the beginning of the year.
Previously approved leave requests can be deleted only by the company admin. To delete a request just go to the employees’ profile and do the following:
•Android device: you can delete the request by long pressing on it then press the delete button.
•iOS device: you can delete by swiping the request to be deleted then press the delete button.
•Web Dashboard: press the delete button next to the required leave request.
According to our Roadmap, this feature will be available by the end of 2019 so you can use it starting 2020. To do this you will just need to choose whether you want the leave type to be counted in hours or in days and just set the balance as usual.
This will be available by the end of 2019 so you can use it starting 2020
This will be available by March 2020
Leave types can be deleted or deactivated, to delete a leave type just go to the company settings, choose leave types and press the delete button beside the required type
You can allow half day option for a leave type by going to the leave types in the company settings and check the half day option next to the required leave.
Day Off supports two levels of approvals, the first is for direct managers and the second / final approval is for the company Admin (HR).
And employee can have only one direct manager that is the first level of leave approval, then the final approval is for the company Admin (HR).
Creating team is one of Day Off premium features that will be supported starting 2020, you will be able to create different teams with different leaves and working days configurations.


To join your team, the HR manager in your team must send you an invitation to join, you will receive an invitation email with an access code, open the app, choose “Log in”, enter your email and press continue, you will be asked to enter the received access code and to set your password. Then you can complete your profile data such as your picture and phone number, just save your data and you can now send leaves requests easily.
To submit a leave request, choose the desired leave type, start date, end date and the leave reason. Click “Submit Leave” and your request will be sent to the HR manager to be reviewed.
You can view your used balance from the middle section of the app.
To view you requests status, go to your profile section, you can find your request in the “Pending” section if it’s not reviewed yet. If it’s accepted/ rejected, the request will appear in the “History” section with its acceptance status.
To view your leaves history, go to your profile section where you can find your leaves history.
To view official holidays, go to the profile section, choose the “Holidays” icon where you can find the official holidays of the company’s country.
To request a half day off just choose the desired date and check the “half day” checkbox beside, then submit your request as usual.
As an employee, you can only delete leave request that are not yet approved by your manager in case you changed your mind. Approved requests can be deleted by the company admin only.