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Employees Performance: How to Manage it?

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Imagine this? You are the founder of this amazing start-up or company. Fast forward five years, and you are still where you started first. With average profits and zero growth of your brand. What happened? Where did you go wrong? There can be endless reasons if you do a deep analysis of the entire process you had been following. One of the contributing factors to this situation can be the employees. And no, there is nothing wrong with them, but employees performance is being checked and managed. Employees are the main building blocks of any business setup. Along with them, the HR management team acts as a supportive pillar to it all. An efficient and talented workforce of employees and an amazing HR team management can make your brand soar the skies and reach the top of it all. 

Performance management is a very contributing factor to the overall growth of any company. It will help the employer set the company goals clearly, but it will also help the workers keep track of their improvements and mistakes and grow along with the company. The role of the HR managers is crucial when it comes to the performance management of the employees and the company as a whole.

The purpose of performance management

When it comes to performance management, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Evaluations of your assigned work for the entire previous year or a period of 6 months by the HR management team are usually done to keep track of your improvements and highlight areas where you need to focus more, and so on. Well, you are right in a way. But, there is so much more to performance management than you can imagine. 

In simple terms, performance management refers to the interactions of the subordinates and the HR managers with the employees individually and, at times, a department as a whole. They carefully define the goals of the company or an undertaken project and look into how you carried out your action work as an employee. The main purpose of performance management is to evaluate and improve the employee’s performance and keep the progress in check.

The advantages and disadvantages of performance management

Let brush up with some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a good performance management strategy.


  • The positive performance appraisals give the employee something to be happy about. These are like those Parents-teachers meeting remarks you get from your teacher that fill you with surprise and happiness.
  • With the employee time off app, you can customize it to have a reasons column to mention what they do in their time off. Doing so will allow the officials to have an in-depth analysis of the personality of the employee. The managers can use this information when giving performance appraisals to fix the loopholes of the targeted staff.
  • While shortlisting the staff list, the employee performance surveys’ data can prove to be very beneficial. There is always someone better than the other. Comprehensive performance management can help sort the best ones out.
  • It helps the employee know the strengths and weaknesses and woke on improving them for the betterment of all.


  • If the employee strength is already one, conducting employee performance management drives can be tedious and time-consuming. Although using an Employee leave tracker app or related such apps can help get the process done faster.
  • The performance appraisals are usually very motivating for most employees. Henceforth, the appraisals can prove to do the opposite and be discouraging to fix certain employee defects.
  • Sometimes, the managers tend to be biassed and favor certain employees who take less to no day off. Although one can look into it using a day off app, the managers dealing with this can act unprofessionally.

Some effective employee performance management tactics for HR managers

As the name suggests, human resource professionals are present to take care of its human assets, that is, its employees. It is the role of the HR managers to boost the deal with all staff-related matters and ensure the growth and performance maintenance of the employees. 

Listed below are some creative ways to do so-

  1. The HR professional can organize a general meeting to share the remodeled aims, goals, and company objectives to the entire staff population. It is when they know in which direction the company is seeking growth and development. That is when the employee’s performance will automatically align.
  2. One can use the 360-degree review and ask certain employees to give peer reviews. It is the employees that will help in providing an honest remark on the performance of their colleagues.
  3. You can go digital with your efforts and use a free time off tracker to overview when and how frequently the employees use their free time. It will help you in formulating a general free time activity or plan.
  4. With everyone slowly overcoming the pandemic that had the entire world upon its feet, businesses are slowly commencing. Some skill enhancement programs and teamwork-building competitions can be organized to get things back to normal. The scores can be added to the employee performance charts. Leave tracker apps can be put into the picture to show that the company cares about its employees.
  5. You can frequently write feedback emails and messages based on the annual performance to give the staff options and time to improve.

No one is perfect, and it is not important to be a perfectionist either. Knowing your faults and weaknesses and working on them is almost as close to being perfect. And sometimes, it so happens that despite doing everything right, there are times when things go wrong. A great employee is open to advice and looks forward to constructive criticism. All you need to create history with your brand is some good HR strategies to maintain employee performance. To an organization, its employees are everything. Likewise, to the employees, the workplace should be everything. Passion and dedication can never go to waste. These should be included in the personality development of the employees. Nothing can stop you from moving mountains and making fabulous brand statements if things are managed correctly.