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Day Off


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One of the favorite things is planning a vacation. Nothing is better than a well-formatted calendar with flight info and dinner reservations. But first you need to know when exactly to do it. public holidays in France are known as “jours fériés.” Here is the list of public holidays in France for the year 2019. In those days most of government offices, businesses, shops and banks will be closed on:

Tuesday January 1 Jour de l’An
Friday April 19Vendredi Saint
Monday April 22Lundi de Pâques
Wednesday May 1Fête du Travail
Wednesday May 8 Fête de la Victoire 45
Thursday May 30 Jeudi de l’Ascension
Monday June 10Lundi de la Pentecôte
Sunday July 14Fête Nationale
Thursday August 15Fête de l’Assomption
Friday November 1 Fête de la Toussaint
Monday November 11Fête de l’Armistice 1918
Wednesday December 25Noël
Thursday December 26Saint Etienne

Please keep in mind that some French day off, such as Bastille Day, have fixed dates. While others, such as Easter Monday and Ascension Day, are based on the lunar calendar and hence fluctuate each year.

The official holidays highlight not only the country’s historical history, but also the French love of tradition, community, and togetherness.
These events are more than just dates on a calendar; they are threads that weave the fabric of French culture, bringing people together and promoting a sense of unity, making every holiday season in this great country a memorable and joyful experience.