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Day Off

How to make your employees feel valued and engaged

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An average person is estimated to work about one third of their life span as listed in conducted research, so he/she must be provided a comfortable environment amid others in which they provide the best work results without any complications due to their ease of working together. The most common things that make employees feel valued are always addressing growth, helping them in the start of their jobs, challenging them in healthy ways to break their limits, always encouraging them to do their best and telling them that they are doing a great job.

Getting to know the Working Team

Organized corporations try their best to let each employee be known to the others by making an announcement for the new employee on his/her first day, help him fit easily by introducing him/her to the rest of the employees. Bullying is common for newcomers to face so it is the duty of their bosses to watch over them and never tolerate it.

Another way of engaging employees with each other and their bosses is by often making a get together for the company outside of work boundary in order to create a friendly relationship between the employees, by doing this a tension free environment is provided and the employees know each other better making them work together smoothly. By doing this better work results are provided.

Payrolls and Benefits

The main forms of feeling valued by an employee are the payroll and the benefits received from the company. The payrolls must be equivalent to the amount of work given by the employee and equal to his degree as well.  In this modern-day world payrolls and benefits are monitored by    employee self-service software in which the employee can also monitor his/her schedule and change his/her benefits information.

Sick Leaves and Absences

It is expected at any moment that an employee gets sick and doesn’t attend his/her job for a day or more depending on his/her condition so an employee day off tracker must be present to keep track of the absent employees in order to have a good thought on the working power to maintain productivity.

Different companies have different absence policies so employee absence management must be present to inform the employee on how and when to inform his/her boss of his/her absence, also informs the employee of the pay arrangements in the case of an absence, and how to continue his/her work after the absence. All this is made to maintain the productivity of the company as possible and to limit the damages to the employee as well. Sick leave is a form of partial absence that result in a decrease in the working power as well, so an employee leave management application is needed to count for the gap of employees to try and maintain the productivity as possible.

Valuing Hard Work

In some cases, an employee is stressed or burnt out so he/she becomes in need of some time off the job and in order to make the request as organized as possible an employee time off manager must be provided to make the operation as smooth as possible both for the employee and the bosses. The request of some time off the job most of the time is approved when viewing the hard work of the employee, and as a form of valuing the employee and encouraging him/her to keep up the good work while being comfortable mentally. On the other hand, for keeping track of the employees an employee time off tracker must be present to keep track of the present employees.

Holidays and Vacations

Each company when hiring sets a specific number of paid time off days so that if the number of days increase than the number agreed on the employee faces disciplinary measures. It is not common sense that the whole working team takes their paid time off at the same time and this is when an employee PTO tracker and employee PTO management systems do the work of tracking the present and absent employees and managing the number of present working power.

Holidays and vacations are important in making the employee recharge his mental state in order to give the best results in a job. for tracking the holidays and their time in the year an employee holiday tracker application must be present for everyone to have information on the holidays such as when are the holidays and how long are they. Most of the time employees stacks their paid time off to go on long vacations. Long vacations mean fewer working staff for a long period of time so to make it organized as much as possible an employee vacation tracker and employee vacation manager must be present in order to make those vacations as organized as possible in order to maintain the productivity. All this makes the process of holidays and vacations as smooth as possible

Work and Reward System

When the employees reach the target given to them and surpass it by a noticeable amount, as a form of appreciation and valuing their work the company gives them a reward. These rewards are materialized in many forms one of them is the pay raise. Another form of reward is a percentage paid vacation or a full paid vacation for the employees and their families and travel at the expenses of the company. These vacations are in a place chosen by the company, or they let the employees choose from a variety of places chosen by the company as well which are tracked by the company by an employee vacation tracker. This is an image of the work and reward system

The Employee’s Mentality

After all the employee is most important gear in the success of a company. The employee must have a stable mentality to provide best results, because at the end of the day he is a human being who wants to be recognized and valued for his work. When the employee is given some special treatment, it makes him feel valued and an important person in the job, so the employee becomes loving of his/her job and gives it his/her all, because he/she spends a big portion of the day at the job. In a way the employee after all this becomes so loving of the job that he cares for the company as if it was his own home.