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Remote Employees: Top 5 Best Practices When Hiring Them

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Thanks to the rapid technological advances, they have allowed the workers in different fields to carry out their works from different locations, and for that, they only need a working internet connection. Now, there is no need to be bound by those traditional workspaces. On the other hand, the world of work has changed in a drastic way after the COVID-19. As the pandemic has affected the economies and businesses, most of the companies are now changing their hiring strategies to follow the distributed workforce or remote employees working culture.

However, for that, they will have to follow the right strategies to hire the right candidates for the jobs. Furthermore, from hiring to introducing the candidate to the job, it is crucial for employers to develop a seamless experience. If you are following a digital recruitment process, then video interviewing may replace some factors of in-person interviews. It is crucial for HR managers to follow the right approaches when it comes to onboarding remote hires. So, how to make the process smooth and effective? Well, here are some best practices that you can follow while hiring new remote employees.

Fine-tune the Hiring Process

When you want to hire a remote team, that means you want to hire a particular set of skills required to excel at work. Some of the few important remote working skills are:

  • Self-discipline
  • A robust organizational skill
  • Great level of communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Collaboration skills and more.

Unless the applicants have these skills, there is no use in taking them further in the recruitment process. Without these skills, the candidate will be a bad fit. Well, there are different ways to test a candidate for these. For example, you can carry out pre-employment tests. You can use different tools for this that can unlock valuable insights to assist you in shortlisting the candidates.

Always Commit to Conduct Great Remote Interviews

Most of the best recruiters are very aggressive about gaining the required knowledge, learning habits, and they always try to master the latest technologies to compete, no matter what is the condition. So, you need to create a great remote interview process. What can you do about that? First of all, the HR managers should upgrade the technology and should test that in advance.

Besides, they should organize the interview as well as script out questions. If your interview process consists of multiple people, then plan it carefully. If you are leading the HR management team, they ensure that they have all the tools to simplify the remote interview process. Tedious, awkward, or mediocre interviews will prove that the work culture is not interesting.

Always Source the Right

As a lot of candidates are looking for great remote work opportunities, they know the best go-to place to find a remote job. Well, those don’t cover the traditional job searching places. Now, the thins have changed a lot, and different platforms have emerged out to make the job search process more direct and easier for both the companies and candidates.

If you are still using the traditional job board, then you may miss out on a huge group of talented candidates who are looking for remote jobs. Instead of promoting your jobs on these sites, try the new job boards that are quite popular among remote workers, for example, LinkedIn, AngelList, and more. You should always take advantage of the social media platform. Besides, try out these things to get better exposure as a remote employer or company:

  • Get listed in the remote startup directories.
  • Try to get placed in the lists like startups or companies that hire remotely.”
  • Create a post in different remote working communities, for instance, Facebook groups for remote candidates.

Offer the Candidates a Realistic Preview of the Job

Well, HR managers know that remote working is not for all. However, you can help the possible employees self-select out of the recruitment process by creating a way where they can witness a realistic preview of the job. What is the best way? Well, you can let the candidates an insider look into how they would be working remotely once they get selected.

Remember that the content doesn’t have to tell the logistic of remote working.  You can also add some personal stories that will help in connecting with the right applicant. Besides, you can also integrate a company video into the online job application that can showcase the culture of your company.

Remember to Develop a Perfect Work Relationship

Well, transitioning to a remote-working environment can be a very challenging adjustment as there will be no in-person factors. However, even though it is challenging, it is important to remember that you will have to build a robust relationship with the new employees. Understanding different ways to align a new candidate’s ambitions with the goals of the company will always lead to a win-win condition for all who are involved.

Every individual will feel highly motivated in various ways. And this is important to figure this out early on. Besides, you can use the best PTO tracking software to send out different policies, like leave management policies and more, to the new candidates quite easily. Try your best to develop a solid foundation that always begins with clear and efficient communication ways.

Bonus tips- Use a Time Off App to Track the Leaves of Your Remote Employees

While managing a remote team, it will become very challenging for the HR managers to keep track of the leaves. However, important to follow proper leave management to keep productivity up. This is where the HR management can use a powerful and well-developed employee leave tracker app, such as Day off, to get the task done. This is an easy way to manage multiple leaves, and you can send any important notice to the employees using the app. Besides, the Day off app will show all the important information in one place, making it easier for the companies to make important decisions.

Follow the above-mentioned practices and use a professionally designed leave tracker and you can easily hire and manage remote employees.