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10 HR innovations that will change workplace management

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The human resource is responsible for finding, screening, recruiting, and training job applicants, and administering employee-benefit programs. People don’t realize that HR is the most vital part of an organization and HR innovations are important for them. Human resources are always centered on the people and finding the most suitable person for the job. 

However, recent technological developments have transformed the HR sector. Recruiting, performance management, and employee management have become easier with technological developments, making companies more employee-friendly. An app like Day Off has shown huge demand in HR management in the past few years.

The last 20 years have changed the way of talent management in companies with the help of automation and technology. Many HR management solutions can keep track of employees, help to keep track of hiring, and improve retention rates. There are many developments yet to be seen in the HR field. The global human resource management market is set to see rapid growth and is expected to reach $38.17 billion by 2027. That is how HR management solutions have gained popularity over the years. But finding the right human resource tool for your organization is the crucial part. To make this process simpler, we have come up with the top ten HR innovations for you.


As we have mentioned early, Day Off leave tracker is one of the best HR solutions. Day Off is a leave tracker software, which is fully advanced and designed to serve the workplace. When you use this Employee leave tracker app, you can enjoy both the analytics and reporting in one place. This app is for Mobile that can be used by the employees and the HR managers as well. Day Off is a free vacation tracker app where the employees can request vacation and be notified about the leave balance. Day Off is easy to use, and it makes the whole leave procedure so much easier. With this free time off the tracker, you will get useful features such as management reports, calendar view, registration, report management, and customized leave types. There is a free time off the tracker and a premium time off tracker version available.


HR managers are the busiest people on earth, and they have so many tasks to complete in a short period. With the help of Asana, the HR team can manage their tasks, dashboards; add custom fields and projects easily. Asana is one of the most popular HR tools with huge demand among the human resource people.


Bambee is another most effective HR tool that offers a smooth recruiting and onboarding experience. HR managers use this solution to maintain all the HR activities effortlessly. Bambee provides features like creating and managing the company policy, unlimited chat, E-signature for documents, keeping track of all the important records, and staff folders for the company.


It is another PTO tracker software that is designed for the leave management process. This employee time off tracker supports different types of custom leave, and it provides the history records of your team. No matter what kind of company it is, be it large-scale or a startup, it will surely be benefitted from the features of this PTO tracking software. By configuring the leave policy of your company, you can enjoy comfortable leave management features. With this free time off the tracker, you can request, review and approve with just one click.


All the human resource team loves this app and it’s considered as one of the most used HR innovations, as it offers an all-in-one solution to the HR managers. This app syncs with the phone as well as desktops and keeps the environment connected in the workplace. Some of the most amazing features of Slack offer a smooth employee onboarding experience and support the Employee’s efficiency. Improve and track employee engagement, and keep the Employee well-informed and organized.

This HR tool provides a solution for all the HR problems with its advanced and easy-to-use interface. This software includes activity logging, due date tracking, email updates, Pipe Drive integration, customizable fields, and an executive board.


Glint is a popular HR tool for employee engagement, and every human resource person must use this. This tool offers to take pulse surveys without any issues. It is a mobile-friendly design that uses real-time analytics features that make the HR manager’s life easy. Some features of Glint are employee lifecycle management, real-time surveys, issue resolution, feedback collection. Employee goal management and employee experience tracking.


TriNet has to be in the top ten HR innovations as it can solve many hectic problems of HR management. The key features of TriNet are seamless payroll, could platform, secure payroll preparation, human resource management, and integrated time tracking.


People are for people management. Employees management is one of the most crucial parts of any company, playing a huge role in the company’s success. Software people takes care of everything in a company. Starting from the onboarding process to the payrolls, everything can be managed with the help of this app. Some of the features of People include- custom user roles, custom reporting, learning management, benefits management, employee database, and on-boarding and off-boarding.

This is a web-based Time off app designed to monitor the Employee’s status and attendance. This allows HR to know who is on the clock or who is working on tasks, who is coming late to the office, and many more. This solution can give transparency by lowering the costs. Here the tracking feature is easy to use, and it is highly effective for invoicing and calculating the time and payroll. Some of the Timesheet features are real-time reporting, advanced security features, PTO based on the working hours, and easy leave requests.


The HR team can surely use some help, and these innovations have helped them do their work effectively. These solutions have helped them to streamline the work as well as increase productivity. They need automated tools that will manage the employees, save time, and cut costs. So you can use different solutions to tackle different workplace challenges to boost creativity and productivity.