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Employee orientation program: How to create a successful one

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Being alienated in the workplace is the most common fear that newly hired employees face. Not fitting in, and lack of engagement are all hindrances that face the newly hired employees at first. It is the responsibility of the employer to help the newly hired overcome these hindrances. So here is how to plan a successful employee orientation program.

Why create an employee orientation program?

1.     Reduces employee turnover

Newly hired employees commonly feel left out in the workplace and can’t fit in easily. When newly hired employees don’t feel they fit in, it makes them think of leaving the workplace. So, an employee orientation program comes into action to reduce the issue of not fitting in. You have to be cautious about this reason because this reason is the most common reason for employee turnover.

2.     Saves time and increases efficiency

Your HR management should organize an orientation that sums up all the main topics of your company. Giving the newly hired a brief about the current employees, how to run the work, and teaching them the policies of your company. This will save effort and rapidly increase the productivity of your company.

Creating an employees orientation program main reason, is to make the newly hired employees comfortable around your company and be excited about working. Here is a complete guide on how to create a successful new employee orientation program.

1.     Planning your program

Putting a detailed plan for your orientation program can be very helpful. You have to appoint certain employees at your company to be responsible for the newly hired at the orientation to answer their questions. Design a timetable with all the activities that will be made during the orientations, and the time of each activity, by doing this it will make the implementation of the orientation program easier.

2.     Take your current employees’ opinions

Let your current employees help you with some of their ideas and opinions, your current employees were newly hired before and attended an orientation program once, so their opinions will be of grave importance and help you in organizing a successful new employee orientation program.

3.     Reduce their tension

The first day at a new job is the hardest for a newly hired employee, so it is your responsibility to help your newly hired employees get over it. The most important thing in a successful employee orientation program is to give your new employees a warm greeting. You have to introduce the newly hired to your current employees and let your employees greet them as well. Before the orientation program, you can send them a greeting email and tell them that you are delighted to work with them and that you are waiting to know them better during the orientation program. This will decrease their tension significantly.

4.      Tell them about the company and its policies.

During the orientation program, you can give a speech to the newly hired employees about the company’s history, targets, and main objectives. Your speech can be an inspiration to the newly hired and excite them to work at your company. Go over your company’s policies as well because they are of grave importance. Tell the newly hired about the holidays, working hours arrival times, and give them answers to all the frequently asked question

5.     Give them a tour

Giving your newly hired employees a tour around the workplace and introducing them to their supervisors will bring them up to speed and break the barrier of shyness to deal with their supervisors for the first time. Tell the newly hired about their new jobs and how to execute them.

6.     Don’t overload them with information

During the orientation, you will tell the newly hired about their jobs and how they are done, but don’t overload their brains with information. The newly hired need to break the tension at first so during the orientation they aren’t ready for much information, so you have to look out for how much information you give them. Answer any questions being asked and give them time between the activities you planned to eat a snack or drink, this will help the grasp much more information.

7.     Give your newly hired a tour in your virtual workplace

Digitalization has done a great role in making our life easier, now companies use numerous software to make their jobs easier. You have to introduce the software that your company uses to the newly hired such as PTO tracker software, Employee self-service software, and many more. Create accounts for the newly hired to make them feel included and teach them how to use each software.

8.     One on One time

Providing one on one time between the newly hired and their managers is very important. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Scheduling one on time between the newly hired and their managers will break the tension between the two parties. That will also help the newly hired get the hang of their new jobs faster.

9.     Take their feedback

At the end of the orientation take the comments of the newly hired. Their comments will be of great help in the next orientation programs.

After orientation

Don’t let the onboarding of your newly hired employees end after the orientation and their first day. The newly hired may take a few months to reach their full potential. You should keep an eye on the newly hired and offer them a hand every while to make them produce the best work they can offer. Ask the newly hired regularly about how they are doing in their new jobs and if they are comfortable or not in the workplace. Try as possible to provide the newly hired with an environment that helps them be creative and feel free to express their opinions. You should ask the newly hired employees after the orientation if they have any unanswered questions and repeat the questions a couple of times in case anyone is shy to ask.