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Employee promotion: When to do it?

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Employee promotion is a recognition given to the employee in the form of advancement of his job from one position to another position, that has a higher salary range, higher-level job title, and more higher-level job responsibilities in an organization.

It can be tricky for the manager to decide when to promote an employee. Some factors and methods are taken into consideration while promoting an employee. These factors work as a guide and help to decide whether to promote the employee or not.

The manager has to give opportunities for promotion to the employees. Because after a particular period and experience of the work, the employee seeks promotion. But, if the organization fails to give opportunities at the right time, then the employees begin to look outside the company for the advancement they seek.

Signs when an employee needs a promotion

An employee should be promoted when he shows the following signs:

Ready for new challenges

If the employee is looking for a promotion, he should be prepared for the new challenges. Because a new role comes up with new challenges on the way. When the employees seek new and challenging projects and get successful in accomplishing them. It shows that it’s a sign that the employee is ready for the promotion. Giving them a chance to develop skills will help them stay motivated, engaged, and productive.

Have well built “People Skills”

Technical skills and systems can be taught easily, but people skills and communication skills are difficult to teach. For creating a healthy environment for the workplace, people skills are a must to have. Anyone fantastic at people skills such as resolving the issues, handling the workload, giving feedback, engaging people, communicating with difficult people, and values the organization would be the best fit for the higher position and requires less training.

Come out with Solutions Instead of Complaints

The ones who can figure out the problems, and come up with a solution to them, are standout employees and they work as an asset to the organization. Everyone at the workplace complains so they may also have complaints but they try to get over it and come out with the solutions to it. It shows that they are ready for increased responsibility.


High performers drive their career development on their own. They are the go-getters. They have a clear vision in their mind that how they want to progress with the company. They are always open to discussing their future goals and plans with the manager. When these employees approach their managers, with a proposal for a new role, showing their skill set for the job and how they will add value to the organization, this is a sign that the employee needs promotion.

A team worker

Performing well with the team shows the qualities of a good team worker. In an organization, you are always around people, so the qualities of working in a team are a must to have. While considering for promotion, an employee should have these skills. Not all promotions are for leadership roles, but they can have a requirement of management qualities. Thus the right team spirit should be considered while promoting.

The budget allows for promotion

The promotion comes up with higher-level pay. So, the budget should also allow doing the same. Sometimes, the promotions are not about the pay raise, but that rarely happens. When the employee gets a promotion, his responsibilities are increased and he also looks for the increased salary rate. High pay keeps them satisfied and motivated to do their best at the workplace.

If the company is facing a situation of financial instability, then it’s not the right time for giving promotions to the employees. Always read the situation before doing such changes.

Contribution to the Organization

If an employee has consistently demonstrated their impact on the organization, they have proven their worth and should get rewarded with growth opportunities. Every employee in an organization contributed to it but some stand out by putting in some extra effort and helping the organization grow. When an employee brings profits, saves money, and makes improvements or other benefits, fostering such achievers can bring excellent returns to the organization.

The employee asks for a Promotion

When the employee asks the manager for a promotion, it shows that he wants to enhance his career. Also, all other signs indicate that he is deserving of the promotion, so it is the right time for promotion. An employee who comes up with an excellent case for how their advancement will benefit the organization has the potential to get the opportunity. Reward their dedication with the opportunity for development to them.

If the organization fails to give growth opportunities to the employees, they start looking for opportunities outside the organization. It can take away the good employees of the organization. It is important to give promotions to the employees on time, to make them stick to their jobs and stay in the organization for the long run.