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How To Become a Better Boss

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Recently the majority of employees dislike their bosses due to many reasons. Some of the reasons why employees dislike their bosses are unfair payment in return for too many tasks, poor benefits, unjust treatment, bosses treating their employees with arrogance, not giving them a day off and leave when needed and many more reasons are present. To help you the most to become a better boss and be liked by your employees, here are 11 tips to become a better boss.

1-Break the barrier

As we all know there has always been a barrier between employees and their bosses, which makes communication harder so as a result tension is born in your workspace. You have to communicate with your employees and try to know them more. Be visible every now and then sit with your employees and treat them as your colleagues. Breaking the employee and boss barrier will make a great impact on your employees’ mentality and productivity.

2-Make sure to fulfill your promises

Days off are very important to your employees, especially the days they ask for, so you have to make sure if you give your employees a word about a day off you have to fulfill our modern age, it has become easier for you and your employees when talking about a day off. Having an Employee PTO management system will make it much easier for your employees to ask you for days off.

3-Let them know they are being taken care of

When applying for a new job one of the things that employees consider before applying are the benefits, so it is of great importance to offer your employees good benefits to show them that they are valuable to you and just working for you. Employee self-service software will make it easier for your employees to know their payrolls and benefits. As a great boss you always try to make work easier for your employees, using an Employee self-service software will make it easier for them

4-Put achievable objectives

Employees complain about having hard tasks that they can’t achieve due to their lack of experience or the little time they are given or sometimes the payroll isn’t compensating for the tasks asked for. When distributing tasks you have to put in mind who is the employee you are giving this task to and what is their level of experience and does their payroll cover the tasks they are given or not. If you distribute tasks to your employees randomly it will lead to frustration and achieving your targets will be harder. You can use Employee management software to know your employees better and their experience, so that you distribute tasks in the right way.

5-Give your employees the spotlight

In your team you surely recruited some great talents, so let your employees share their ideas and put them in mind. Give your employees a pat on the shoulder when they challenge themselves and surpass their limits, this will boost their morale efficiently.

6-Be a cool boss

In the workspace when work starts piling and deadlines start getting closer, tension increase drastically. It is your job to lighten up your employees, you can bring them food, snacks, and desserts or you can promise to take them out for dinner outside of the work environment as a reward.

7-Be understanding

Employees have a life outside of work, so their mental health is of grave importance. You have to make sure that your employees are comfortable and that you don’t burn them out. When being asked for sick leave or Paid Time Off be understanding to your employee’s request. When you find an employee tired mentally or has any problem outside of work you can offer them a day off or leave so that they can tend to their life or recharge for the next day. You can even help your employees by listening to their problems to help them if possible. By doing this you will reduce turnover rates at your company.

8-Earn your employees’ loyalty

Always remember your employees are your valuable assets for pushing your company forward, so you have to earn their loyalty and treat them well. Earning your employees’ loyalty is of grave importance to reduce turnover rates and to make them give their efforts fully to your company. You can earn their loyalty by cheering them to be successful in their jobs, watching out for their interests, and always acknowledging their efforts and progress.

9-Be a role model

Your employees look up to you, so you have to be a great role model for them so that they take you as their role model. It’s okay to take the blame when doing any mistake don’t blame your employees when you are to blame, this will make your employees respect you and acknowledge you as their boss. Never take your anger out on your employees because this will result in an environment full of tension and dislike you.

10-Hire the best fits for your company

Don’t concentrate only on your current employees; you have to hire the best talents for your company. Being a good boss means that you can see the best talents that would fit well in your team and will push you and your team forward. Put in mind when hiring that the newly hired employees will feel alienated at first so you have to help them and make them fit better.

11-Take classes to evolve

Another great way to be a better boss is to take communication classes to communicate with your employees better and speak more efficiently at meetings and presentations.

Being a good boss is a hard job that requires patience, learning, and a lot of practice. You may fail at first a couple of times, but don’t give up that doesn’t mean you are a bad boss your effort will make you a good boss one day. Always remember you will lead your employees not just boss them around.