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Advice and answers from the Day Off Team

2.1. Add Employees

The first way to add employees is to add them individually one by one, click “Add employees”, then you will be directed to a page to add the employee’s information which are:

Main Information

1. Employee’s email or phone number
2. Employees name
3. Location
4. Joining date: employee’s joining date is a piece of information in the employee’s profile, unless you enabled the “Reset balance every anniversary” option, in this case, it will be the balance reset date of this employee.

Advanced Information

1. Employee’s team: teams is a pro feature, where the employee can be added to them to get the team approver and custom leave policy if any, otherwise, the employee will be assigned to the default leave policy of their location.
2.Time zone
3. leave policy: you can assign a specific employee to any custom leave policy you have that matches his needs.
4. Approvers: set the people that will approve this employee’s leave requests
For basic accounts, employees can have only one approver and it’s the main company admin by default.
For pro accounts, each employee can have up to 2 approvers, and it can be anyone of the added employees.


1. After you finish adding the employee’s information, click “Save.
2. The employee will receive an invitation email to join the company account, the email includes their username and a temporary password that they will use to log in for the first time.
3. In case this employee exists in different company account, he will also receive an invitation and he will be able to switch between different company profiles.
4. In case of adding employees with phone numbers, the invitation will show for the admin, where they can share the temporary password with the employee.

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