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Day Off

Advice and answers from the Day Off Team

4.3. Balance

Here you can view and edit the employee’s leave types and balances.

View Balance Details

You can find each leave type assigned to the employee with the balance breakdown as follows:

1. Leave type name and unit
2. Initial balance or Accruals/Quota
3. Comp-off (compensation) balance
4. Carryover balance
5. Used
6. Used/Total
By clicking the eye icon next to a leave type, you can view the leave type breakdown with more details

Customize Employee’s Balance

You can customize each employee’s balance separately from their profiles as follows:

1. Enable the ” Customize employee’s balance” toggler
2. Edit buttons will show next to each leave type
3. Click the edit button of the required leave type to be edited
4. A popup with the leave type balance details will open
5. Delete the original amount, enter the new one then click “Save changes”

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