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Day Off

Advice and answers from the Day Off Team

6. Admin Dashboard

The dashboard consists of two sections, calendar, and pending requests.


1. The calendar shows employees’ approved requests as well as the official holidays.
2. You can filter the calendar by location or by team, to view only the requests of employees in the required location or team.
3. As an admin, you can click on any of the approved requests to view its details.
4. You can change the calendar view to Month, Week, Day, or a list with all of the month requests.
5. From the arrows on the left, you can switch back and forth between months.

Pending Requests

1. This section shows a list of pending leave requests.
2. Click “View details” to view the request details.

Request Detail

A popup will open showing the following request details

1. Employee’s name and picture
2. Leave type
3. Start and end dates or times of the request
4. Number of requested days or hours
5. A timeline showing the date when the request was submitted, and the dates when the approvers accepted or rejected the request. The timeline also shows the status of the request on the approvers’ side whether it’s pending, rejected, or accepted.
6. The request reason if the reason is provided.
7. The employee’s leave types and balances.

Admin Actions

Click the gear icon on the top right, you will find the following actions

1. Edit request
2. Delete request
3. Force Accept, where any admin can override other approvers’ actions and accept the request.
4. Force Reject, where any admin can override other approvers’ actions and reject the request.

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