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Day Off

The #1 leave tracker for your team vacations and absence

Save the time spent tracking your team vacations/PTOs, Day Off will help you track your team’s leaves and absence in one place. In seconds you will set up your leave policies, approval workflow and enjoy the unique experience.
Unlimited employees, free forever!

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Free Forever!

Discover the power of Day Off’s free version! Track your team’s vacations, leaves, and PTOs with unlimited number of employees. Upgrade to our PRO version for exclusive access to advanced features and take your team management to the next level!

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Day Off Features

Day Off is built to suit different business types, and for every HR manager to plan, track and manage employees’ leaves, vacations and PTO.
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Vacation Tracker

Vacation, PTO, and Time Off Tracker enables you to easily track employees' balance of different leave types.

Approval Process​

Configure your approval process based on your workflow and team hierarchy.


Employee and manager notifications for events like requests submission, approval, and announcements.

Sub Teams​

Create a sub-team with different policies, balances, and working days and add employees to them.

Powerful Reports ​

Get a full overview of your employees' PTOs and leaves with Day off powerful reports.


Day Off is available as a mobile app so you can send or manage leave requests anytime and anywhere.

Mobile App​

Day Off leave tracker has a mobile app for managers and employees, that’s why 80% of our customers are using Day Off mobile app to track vacations and requests anytime and everywhere.

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HR Managers can fully control the workflow, define teams managers and employees' approvers. They can get notified with leave requests submitted by employees as well as when approved by the managers.

Configure HR Policies

Configure all your company leaves policies, like leave types, balances, official holidays, working days, annual balance reset month, approval process, workflow, and admins.

Vacation Tracker

Monitor your team vacations using a consolidated view, and get notified once you got a vacation request​.

HR Dashboard

Calendar view for both company and employee, to track team vacations and time off, monitor team absence and workflow, generate consolidated and detailed reports for any period and send announcements to the team.

Real Stories from Real Customers

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This is a really useful app that fills a need in the market. We've got about 30 employees, and getting them all set up on the app was fast and easy. Developers are very responsive as well if there are any issues. Great app!”

Carlo Pannella

CFO, Lorne Park Capital Partners Inc.


Impressive free package, very powerful, supporting a highly growing team easily, simple and easy to use, nice mobile apps!

Amr Shawqy

CEO & Cofounder, ExpandCart.


Huge time saver, very easy to use, keeps everyone on the same page.

Sameh Meligy

CEO & Cofounder, Revamp Software Solutions.

Manage your teams from your mobile

Download the app to manage your team’s leaves, keep track of their absence, and vacations with the most powerful and easy-to-use leave tracker app. Stay on track and manage team’s vacations as easy as possible!

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