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1.2.3. Locations and Holidays

If you have employees in different countries or locations, you can use the multi-locations feature to add locations and assign different leave policies to them

Add Location

  • Go to “Settings”, then “Location & holidays”
  • Click “Add new location”
  • Enter the following required location information
    • Location name
    • Time zone
    • Week starting day
    • Leave policy
  • Check the working days and uncheck the weekends of the location
  • You can set this location as the default location
  • Click “Save”

Add the Location’s Official Holidays

You can add the official holidays manually or by importing them from Google Calendar

Add holidays manually

  • Select the required year from the “Year” menu
  • Click “Add Holiday”
  • Enter the holiday name, start and end dates
  • Click “Save”

Import from Google Calendar

  • Click “Import holidays from Google”
  • Select the required year from the “Year” menu
  • From the “Country” menu select the required country
  • Click “Find holidays”
  • The list of official holidays from Google Calendar will show
  • Select the required holidays to import
  • Click “Confirm”

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