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How to select the right Leave management software tool?

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Every business organization, regardless of its size, needs to have its own leave management system. This system is a process in which every employee of the business organization can apply for leaves, and the managers can approve them as well as track their leave balance record. Every company goes with the manual process to track an employee’s absence and leave records at the initial stage.

But the manual process could involve a lot of paperwork, which can be burdensome for the HR department. Thus, using a leave tracker software tool can make the HR teams timeless consuming. These software programs are designed to optimize the HR teams’ employee management tasks to concentrate on other tasks to meet the company’s needs.

Reasons to take leave management software into account

To avoid harming the organization’s productivity

It’s not wise to underestimate the impact of employee absenteeism on the business operators since the absence of employees would directly impact the company’s productivity. Employees are the ultimate success factor of a company. So if the HR manager fails to record the absenteeism, the company would suffer a reduction in productive times that can severely impact the company’s overall efficiency. In order to avoid ineffective leave management, companies should use leave management software.

To avoid negatively affecting the company’s profit

Every business organization makes a policy for their leave management since paid time off can significantly impact the organizations’ profit. If the employee-manager faces ineffective leave management, the company would seriously lose its profits as they fail to notice if an employee is not adhering to the company’s leave policy. Thus business operators look for effective, paperless solutions to eliminate errors in calculating leave payments. So they look for an effective PTO tracker to automate their leave management system.

To avoid conflicts related to leave balance

Absenteeism not just affects the company’s profit but also those employees who attend the workshop. A leave tracker software application such as Day Off could track every employee’s absences and regulate their leave balance. With its implementation, the management team would face less conflict regarding their leave balance, get their employees more organized at work, and make the team more disciplined.

Signs for you to use an online leave management system

When the HR manager is too busy to manage leave requests

Investing in leave management software is not something difficult to afford. But some organizations might be too comfortable with their manual system to not notice that it’s not about affordability but managing their workload. The first sign of needing a PTO tracking software when managing employee leave requests becomes more burdensome for the HR manager.

The manager can’t just approve a leave request directly; they have to ensure the request is complying with the company’s policy and then balance the schedules to ensure adequate coverage is available before approving it. All these assessments can take a while that is not always convenient. If your HR manager is struggling to find time for concentrating on other business operations, it’s time for shifting to leave management software.

When employees miss their  shifts

There might be many mistakes and miscommunications with manual leave management that can lead to employees missing their shifts. The employees who have to cover for other employees when the company is understaffed can feel stressed as it would stretch their work shifts.

Every business depends on having repeat customers. But if your establishment is understaffed, it means your customers would most likely have a bad experience leading to a loss of profits. Not just to minimize human error but to keep your customers satisfied, you should consider using the employee leave tracker app.

If you are using spreadsheets to track employee hours

Most small and medium businesses use excel sheets to track their employees’ working hours, PTO accrual, and absences. This might be a free service for you, but you would put your business up for legal liabilities. Not just your customers but also your employees are essential for you to run your business smoothly. Thus, you should provide both of them with professionalism. Instead of spreadsheets, using leave management software would be more transparent and store real-time data for everyone to access.

Benefits of using leave management software

Reduced paperwork

In this digitalized world, businesses are now depending on digital systems to eliminate paperwork. This way, you would not have to deal with unnecessary clutter of paperwork and improve your company’s carbon footprint. Also, you would promote a green work environment on your business premises.

Plus, if you incorporate an online leave management system with your specialized software instead of a manual way, you would not suffer any loss or mislaid leave request forms. Your employers can directly apply for leave in the vacation tracker, and you can accept or reject them without causing any miscommunications.

Automotive leave balance calculation

Automation is the most prominent advantageous factor of using leave management software. This automotive system can make your working process a lot smoother. Your HR management would no longer have to operate computer systems to track and update your employees’ leave balance manually.

Your attendance management software would automatically track your employees’ leave histories, which can be accessible to both employees and the HR manager. The software always auto-updates each of your employees’ holiday calendars, and you can check their availability easily. If you approve any of their leave requests, the software would automatically deduct their leave balance and show you the result whenever you want.


Manually updating the employee attendance can be very time-consuming, not to mention complicated. Human errors can occur easily with the conventional method, and it can be detrimental for the said employee who requests for Day off. This can be a tedious task for the human resources teams who spend most of their working hour just updating the absence and leave management system.

Incorporating technology in your management system could enable your workforce to save a significant amount of time with optimized resources. Thus, by using an employee time off tracker software, your HR team would be able to save up to 40% of the working hours that they spend conducting purely administrative tasks.

Easily accessible for the manager to manage the team

The leave management software tools mostly feature storing their data in the cloud, which makes the system more accessible. With all the data in the cloud, not just the employees but the human resources team and even the employer itself can easily access the system via an internet network.

The team can share the data and also update it in real-time. But if you do it on a spreadsheet, although one member of the team can update it, not every member in their system. Then you would have to share your file with them via email. If you want one-way management, you should utilize PTO tracking software so you would not have to share the same files with the others every time.

Another advantage of using such software is to access the free vacation tracker from any device and anytime. This way, the HR manager would not have to be present in the office to access the system. The manager can easily manage their team from anywhere without any complications.

Seamless Integration

The time off app software is not only for managing employees’ attendance; they also perform other HR management tasks such as payroll, timesheet management, etc.  Due to such seamless integration with other software, these applications are able to save time, reduce human errors, and enable cross-functional reporting.

With such seamless integration, you can improve your company’s communication level as well as ensure compliance with legislation. The software can provide a  comprehensive dashboard, configurable fields such as leave types, policy, and leave request lists. This way, both employee and employer could assess the important details without having to type out a leave application and read through it, respectively.

Better security

The Day off app would not only eliminate manual intervention since all the data of the system are stored in the cloud but they are also protected by specific encryption. Such software can make periodic or scheduled backups to ensure that all data stay safe and download them whenever required without ever losing them, unless you intentionally delete original, copied, and backed-up files.

On the contrary, they can get deleted or get lost with Excel files if you don’t have a copy of the files saved somewhere already.  Since cloud software mostly updates its security policy with data protection laws such as GDPR, you would not have to implement any other security system with your software.

Similarly, if any changes in the legislation occur, the leave tracker software tool would automatically update to make sure your data are legally protected. You would not have to invest any time and any money to comply with your legislation regulations, which can be a great advantage.

Encourages discipline

The PTO tracker software is a transparent and customizable system that complies with the local employee management laws and with your business policies. Moreover, these systems can readily understand and recognize both the employees and company executives at the same time.

Due to such characteristics, the PTO tracking software provides increased accuracy and encourages your company’s disciplines. By the implementation of such software, the employer can expect and achieve better attendance rates from their employees, as whoever is accessing the system would be aware of who’s failing to follow the company’s policies.   

Things to consider while choosing leave management software

Whether to choose a desktop or cloud-based program

Software programs can be cloud-based, or you can download them to your computer. If you choose cloud-based free time off tracker software, you can have many benefits, such as accessibility of the software from any device; with an internet connection, you can consult all of your company data, share them on the web among your entire team, and even update them in the real-time.

But with the desktop software program, you have to install them that can take up your computer space, and your HR manager would have to rely on the devices where the employee leave tracker app is installed.

Support team to change the system

For any business, transforming from one system to an advanced system can be complicated. The system operator has to do data migration, set up the application on all of their teams’ computers, and staff training. But if you have a support team, it would help you set up the program seamlessly while running all the processes smoothly.

Thus, while you are deciding on which employee time off tracker software you want to incorporate, make sure the provider would help you with its implementation. Without an initial training process, any new system implementation can end in failure. Thus, ensure providers should also take care of your staff training, so they could familiarize themselves with the tools to use them adequately.

Error-free multi-user access

Make sure the system you choose must offer features like error-free multi-user access and employee self-service. The employee time off tracker software tools should function faster while requesting leave and approving them and should be user-friendly.

The software should avail multi-device access, specifically smartphone access, so employees and managers would be able to get notifications for any event anytime and anywhere. It’s especially beneficial for businesses, which have employees working remotely.

Multilingual software

Whether you are a local business or an online business, there is no saying when your business might hire multilingual staff. Not all of them leave software programs are multilingual. Language plays a critical role in having a proper communication flow. If you want to offer your employees a custom-tailored solution, they must be able to access the application software in their preferred language to avoid any miscommunication. So ensure your Day off app is a multilingual software.

Price of the management software

The price of the software is another vital factor that you should consider before purchasing the PTO tracking software. While the desktop software has a fixed price, the cloud-based software depends on what number of employees access it. Since the platform would manage it, you must adjust the cost to only serve your needs. The final price of the PTO tracker software can be affected by the number of employees, administration users, other technological integrations, etc.  

Features of the leave management software play a crucial role in transforming your employee attendance system. Thus, you should carefully consider the features of the application that would enable you to automate your tasks and develop a smoother work process.