Rejection Reason

Admins and manager will be able to add rejection reason when rejecting a leave request.

Add Attachments

Employees will be able to add attachments to leave requests that require certain documents such as sick leaves ..etc

Allow Negative Balance

Employees will be able to request leaves even if they have used all their balance.

Carried-over Leaves

Admins will be able to transfere carried-over annual leaves of the employees to the following year.

Hours Off

Admins can now set leave balances in both hours and days, and you can now request hours off as well as days off.

Monthly Balance Reset

Admins can now set leave balances either on a monthly or yearly basis for employees and teams.

Auto Approve Requests

Admins can now add leave types that do not require approval and will be automatically accepted. Once requested it’s approved!

Teams Management

You can create different teams under the company account with different configurations of working days and leave types and balances for each team. You can also set a manager and define the leaves approvers for each team.

Calendar View

Calendar view for both employees and managers in the mobile apps.

Leaves Configuration

Configuration for leave type to be either auto accepted or requires approval.

Rejection Reason

Admins and managers can add leave rejection reason.

Admins and managers can add leave rejection reason.


The ability to integrate with Day Off via APIs.

Compensation days

Employees will be able to request compensation days where they will be added to their existing leave balance.

Multi Approvals

Multi approvals for leave requests from direct managers and HR managers, where admin can define the direct managers from the added team members and define each employee’s direct manager that will receive leave requests first.

Employee Web Dashboard

Now employees can send leave requests and be updated with their balance using the mobile app or the new Employees Web Dashboard with the same features of the mobile app.

Invitations by Mail & Phone

Managers can now invite employees using E-mail or Phone Number.

Leave Types Configuration

Managers can add new leave types and define their balances as well as the half day and compensatoins options.

Managers Web Dashboard

The release of Managers/Admin web dashboard to manage employees’ leaves with a full overview of the team leaves and leaves statistics.

iOS Version Release

The release of the iOS version of the app with the same features and functionalities.

First Android Release

Releasing the first Android version of the app with managers interface where they can create company’s account and invite their team with static leave types, and employees interface where they can submit leave requests and find their leave balances.